Santronics Software, Inc.,
Customizing Templates


The Wildcat! Web Server (wcWeb) allows you to customize your web site using templates with HTML and WCT (Wildcat! Template) macro languages. Templates are pure HTML which are pre-processed for WCT macros, if any. WCT allows for the dynamic HTML processing for your web pages.

The WcWEB HTTP document root folder has a layout of:

 |  HTTP\                    |
 |      \TEMPLATE            |
 |      \ERRORS              |
 |      \IMAGES              |  PRIVATE SIDE
 |      \AUDIO               |
 |      \MAPAPPS             |
 |      \SERVICES            |
 |      \PUBLIC\             |
 |             \GRAPHICS     |
 |             \JS           |  PUBLIC SIDE
 |             \WCNAV        |
 |             \WCFLASH      |

Wildcat! installs stock files into these folders for default and standard web site operation. This section describes which files can be modified and how.

Client Templates and Errors Templates

For WcWeb stock client operations, the stock web page templates files in the following folders:

If you wish to modify any of these files, we provide an optional CUSTOM sub-folder concept:

where you can place a copy of a stock file you wish to customize and make your changes to the copy.

The Wildcat! Web Server (wcWeb) will always look in the custom folder for a processing template before it grabs the stock file. SSI will only update the stock folders and never the custom thus allowing you to maintain version control.


Suppose you wish to edit the stock file template\message_read.htm, then place a copy of this file in http\template\custom folder (create the custom folder if necessary) and begin to make changes to this http\template\custom\message_read.htm only. Never edit the stock file.