AUP 447.3 Change History

SMTP Server:

Fixed a small bug with writing to the log file prematurely before the DailyLogs Option was read from the registry. Fixed a bug in sending mail with size limits defined. Enhanced logic for dealing with receiving mail with mail size limit defined. Enhanced the support for email clients who do not support the SMTP extension for message size.

FTP Server:

Fixed a bug in properly displaying the File Groups based on the user access. Not all file groups were shown.  Fixed html output to provide valid html for 00_index.htm directory listings.  Fixed possible access violation in first level group directory listing.

POP3 Server:

Added the ability to use @OTHERUSER.XXXXX@ macros to warn*.msg messages. Changed the logging a little bit so that it doesn't display "NEW MAIL xxxxxxx" for each messages accessed by the POP3 client. It will now show the total new messages when the POP3 client first connects and now show "Sending Msg# xxx" when the POP3 client is actually retrieving the message.

Added a new registry option to allow the POP3 server to behavior the "old way" in regards to "marking/deleting" received email via POP3. To enable the old behavior, create a registry option called EnableSecurityHole at the registry location:

DWORD EnableSecurityHole=1 (0 to disable)

NOTE: THIS OPTION IS NOT RECOMMENDED BY SANTRONICS FOR NORMAL OPERATIONS. The reason why it was called "EnableSecurityHole" is because that is exactly what it is - a security hole to your mail system. If this option is enabled, your POP3 clients will be able to "SNOOP" at his mail without allowing anyone, including the Wildcat! Server, to ever know the mail was received. Acknowledgments, receipt requests will not work any more, and your mail server will be overloaded with redundant server mail operations penalizing the performance of your system. Again, people who write mail for POP3 clients will never know the POP3 client has received the mail.  No other mail reading entry point into WINSERVER allows this. POP3 is the only method users can do this if you enable this option. Hence, this option is NOT recommended by Santronics. If sysops send us "Mail Server Slow Performance" reports with their pop3 clients, you now know what we will ask you do remove.

The recommended approach is to only enable mail snooping to certain "roaming" users. Roamers are POP3 clients who query a mail server from multiple machines. If you wish to offer mail snooping to roamers, then define a user define variable called POP3Snoop for the user's record. Set POP3SNOOP=1 and the user will be able to read his mail without marking it as received. However, if the user request to delete the mail, it will be honored.

WEB Server:

Fixed a bug in how certain URLs are handled.  Also fixed the use of queries on html files (such as /dir/file.htm?query).  These queries are often used by client side JavaScripts.  Fixed using parameters with CGI programs and script maps.


Added a IDLE TIMEOUT for wcNavigator callers. New wcNavigator clients will need to be distributed to users in order for this to work.  Two clients were updated for WcNavigator:


The updated clients are distributed with the AUP and put into the default \wc5 directory. Once you receive the new clients, use the ClientInstall.exe application to update your \wc5\clients directory. Do not do this manually. Use the clientinstall.exe wizard utility.

When wcNavigator users connect to your system, they will be sent the new clients automatically.


Now honors a new idle timeout as defined by the wildcat server. Cleaned up cosmetic stuff. New option called:

[ ] Bring up Browser on connect

was added to the dial properties.


Improved file sharing issues (Still cannot edit lists while wcListServer is running. This is being worked on. This effects the performance of the server if we are allow configuration).  Fixed problems opening data files if they didn't exist.  The internal version checker did not consider new installations.  Fixed remote admin functions.  Fixed a problem with administrators not allowed to post mail in   "No Posting" list forums. Updated logic when rejected messages were sent to the list administrator (the one defined in the list setup). There was no indication that the message had been rejected, let alone why it had been rejected. The wcListServer now properly appends reject information at the beginning of the message.

List of wcBASIC PLUS PACK Source Code which were updated: