AUP 447.4 Change History

wcRADIUS Server:

Fixed a  bug with the CHAP authentication logic.  Customers who had turned off CHAP (in RRAS) as a workaround, can now turn it back on. With RRAS, all you have to do is edit/save the RRAS properties in Networking and have it restart the machine for you.   RRAS will put back the CHAP registry entries.

SMTP Server:

Fixed a bug where the wcSMTP server was not adding bad domains/address to the DATA\BAD*.TXT files.  Fixed a bug where it was not accepting mail to the Alternate Domain Address defined under WCCONFIG Networking.

wcMAIL Server:

Fixed  international date formatting of RFC date bug which caused news servers to deny the messages with badly formatted dates.  A small change to made to make sure subject lines are not greater than 72 characters during the news/email import process. Better logging on export showing attachment file name if any.

FTP Server:

Enhanced the logging in wcFTPxxxxxxxx.log

WEB Server:

The URL backslash bug was finally fixed.   Fixed Uppercase/Lowercase issue with index files (Netscape Only?)


Fixed a last minute, untested change to 447.3 to handle over size headers. Fixed a bounce message "POST ATTEMPT by non-member" message text bug.

Note: The above bugs were actually fixed in 447.3 but the corrected file was not placed into AUP 447.3 distribution until 12 hours after the official release of 447.3. So you may already have the correct executable.

Fixed, cleared up some LIST ADMIN logic.  To send an admin message with administrator commands, you must use a PASSWORD command as the first command.    The FROM address must from an subscribed member of the list who has admin rights to the list.  In the future, we will allow the LIST ADMIN to send admin commands without requiring subscription, as well as allow for a "super admin" concept.   The HELP.TXT was updated to reflect current admin usage information.


Fixed a display logic bug in wcUserIP.EXE.  Please note,  if you have a very large user database, wcUserIP will take some time before it appears on the screen.    In the future, we will improved this logic so that there is no delay in displaying a large user database.

HTML Mail Form example:

The missing example html file was added to the AUP. The files are: mailex.html and mailex.txt and they are placed in your \wc5 directory as a zip file,

List of wcBASIC PLUS PACK Source Code which were updated:

Run a Door.wcc,  was not logging which door was running in the activity log files.