AUP 447.5 Change History


Fixed a small mite where the WILDCAT.LOG was recording erroneous "Client Advertisements Denied" entries for local IPs (client was running on the same machine as wcserver).  Now, you no longer need to add the local IP address to the wcCONFIG : System Security Network Address List to avoid the erroneous log entry.

wcRADIUS Server:

Many enhancements were made to wcRADIUS.  A few new options are exploration and may change in near future versions.

wcOnline Direct Dial Modem Controller:

Fixed a major bug in how modem result strings were read from the modem communications buffer.  This bug was intermittent but it explained why the some modem based customers were having wcOnline lockups.

SMTP Server:

In prior 447 versions, the bouncing of mail was too fast due to DNS/Host Connection issues (whatever they may be).  This version relaxes the bouncing of mail due to these unreliable,  inconsistent or busy DNS or HOST connection errors;  Removed the need to have an OVERRIDE key in the registry;   Mail too large to send will only be attempted once;   If Smart Host is defined, no MX record query will be done;  Fixed a mite with Translation Importing.

wcMAIL Server:

Fixed  a mite where receiving local domain mail which had angle brackets.   Fixed a mite in import translation names which have two names.

FTP Server:

Fixed a small mite with HTML browser access.  It would not display the index files correctly.

WEB Server:

Added support for CD-ROM downloads.  Although, this enhancement could of been achieved with modifications to the web server HTML templates, the web server will now automatically support it.  No change to WCX or HTML files are required.