AUP 447.6 Change History

Please Download the new AUTOUPDATE.EXE client if you have not done so


Fixed a bug startup bug under Windows 95

POP3 Mail Server:

Removed a system time slice that was added in 447.5.  This was causing the POP3 email sessions to take longer.


Fixed a display line status problem with frontend clients such as PXONLINE.


Fixed a mite with the DailogLogging registry option where it would create both types of log files for wcmail..


Fixed a bug where wcFILE would not automatically quit in command line mode.


Fixed a Y2K bug which would occur in the year 2000 if the event ption "Reschedule Event" was not enabled. With this fix, we believe all Y2K issues with the base WINSERVER v5.3 system have been resolved.


Alot of changes and enhancements were made to wcRADIUS:

- Removed the Wildcat! User Profile Attributes editor. You can send attributes defined in wcradius.users.txt.  This was removed because it was confusing and we plan to make it better by having two type of user profile attributes; one for authentication and one for accounting.

- The general options has changed with the following new options:

    [ ] Monitor Authentication Online Session Time.
    [ ] Require Authentication for All Sessions
    [ ] Require Accounting for All Sessions

See the new wcRADIUS online help for detail information on these new options.

- Added a colorized the log viewer, added font configuration.

- Added logic to properly clean up RADIUS client security profiles when deleting or editing RADIUS clients under options.

- Added logic to better control resending of response packets. This fixed a problem with the VersaNet ComServer which was sending duplicate packet code ids for Authentication and Accounting packets, a violation of the RFC 2138 RADUIS Specification.

- Fixed bug under the scenario where users were connected and wcRADIUS was shut down. Upon restart, a GPF occured when new accounting packets arrived to disconnect the users.

- Added new Detail column to user view. Shows Accounting ON/OFF. This will help show which users has accounting off or on and help determine which ones will be controlled by a RADIUS client.

- Enhanced the user view to show "Non Authenticated Accounting Only" sessions.  If the node column shows 'ACCT', this means that a user has used your wcRADIUS server as an "Accounting Server". He did not authenticate with wcRADIUS. Hence this means, the user is "NOT" connected to Wildcat! and wcRADIUS will only log the accounting information. No Wildcat! user is updated. This entry will have nothing to do with Wildcat!

JAVA Chat Client:

We fixed to display issues with the chat client. Word wrapping as added, and the user list was fixed. This edition of the Java Chat client has no digital signature. If you choose not to overwrite your templates during the AUP, you will need to update your wcnav.htm template, located in your http\template directory. Replace all occurances of the word ‘mustang’ with ‘winserver’ in this file.


Fixed a command line bug with wcIDE.exe.  You can now properly pass the file name to wcIDE on the command line. The file will be opened and shown in the editor.

Added a new commane line options to WCC.EXE:

/o:outputpath             Directory where compiled wcx files will be stored,
/m                             MAKE: Compile only if the WCC file date is newer than the wcx file date.