AUP 447 Change History

wcServer Changes
- The Wildcat! Server (wcserver) now has improved CLIENT connection
  The server will now deny Wildcat! client IP addresses at the server
  "contact" stage.   Prior, it deny the contact after the connection
  was made.  This makes the system more secure (depending on your
  point of view).
  The server has been improved for sub-net Wildcat! client contacts.
  This helps situations where the client can not broadcast across router
  to find servers.   By specifying the info below, the client will be
  told to directly contact the wildcat server.
  If you wish to run a Wildcat! client on a different subnet, you can
  connect to the server by using the following environment strings:
        set wildcatserver=<server_machine_name>
        set wildcatserverip=<server_machine_ip_address>
        set wildcatserver=mainsrv1
        set wildcatserverip=
  Note:  You may use the wildcatserver environment string at any time,
  not just for sub-net situations.  You may use it in a LAN.  This will
  speed up the contact and loading of the Wildcat! client application.
- The Wildcat! finger service has been improved.  If your finger
  server is enabled, type: finger help@servermachine  to obtain
  more information on the new finger options.
- Internal changes to Wildcat! server improves client applications
  that utilize the SDK user database functions.  This should help
  speed up applications drastically on large system with large
  user databases.
- Internal change to Wildcat! server fixes a mite in storing the
  lastcaller per node.  Applications that wish to display the lastcaller
  per node, may do so with SDK or WCBASIC GetNodeInfo() function.
- Internal fix to Wildcat! server now makes sure the user's time
  left value is not negative.
- Internal fix to Wildcat! server now makes sure new messages added to
  the system do not have "garbage" in some of the string fields due to
  some Wildcat! clients not initializing the message header.  This fix
  may help clear a situation where a long subject line is 72 characters
  or more and it clobbers other fields in the message header.
- The EXPIRATION WARNING system:   As Wildcat! moved more into the
  internet, the expiration notice/warning system was working
  sporadically.  This was because the user's last call date was being
  stamped via one connection which nullified the sending of expiration
  warning messages via WCNAV or WEB connections.
  The new logic is:
  Expiration Warning Messages (warn*.msg) are now sent the first time
  the user connects for the day regardless of how he connects. In other
  words, the user will get his message when he connects via POP3, WCNAV,
  ANSI/TELNET or WEB methods which he has an "opportunity" to receive a
  message.   ANSI/TELNET will always display WARN*.BBS screen notices as
  before.  But connecting via other mean should not stop the WARN*.MSG
  from being sent now when he connects via POP2, WCNAV, ANSI/TELNET or
  In addition, the default WARN*.BBS files should have a @PAUSE@ macro
  at the end of the file.  Not having one may give the illusion that it
  was never displayed to the user.
- Automated shutdown and restart support added.  This is very usefull for
  automated backups.  Shutdown across network supported via a new program,
  wcNetrunner.  See for examples of usage.
New Program: wcNetRunner
- Adminstrative control of your system across the network is now
  possible with wcNetRunner.  Using any standard RSH client, you can
  request a command to be executed on a remote system if it is running
  wcNetRunner. This is completely configurable and allows restriction of
  what commands may be executed from which computers.  For security,
  port 514 should be blocked from all outside systems (in your router,
  and in Access Profiles) if you run wcNetRunner.  See examples in
POP3 Server Changes:
- POP3 server now will automatically mark all mail as
  received.  If a POP3 client has the option "Save Server Mail", this
  means the client will not ask the server to delete the mail.
  Previously, the mail was marked received only of the client asked
  to delete the mail.   With the new logic, your server operations
  should be more optimized, faster since it won't be sending the
  mail again to users.
- The POP3 server now honors the posting of expiration
  warning messages when the pop3 client logs into the server.
  Previously, the POP3 client would not get any expire warnings and it
  potentially nullified other connections methods from sending the
- Added POP3 error logging in the case of login failures, or failure to
  retrieve messages from the message database.
wcSMTP Server Changes
- wcSMTP has gone thru a major change to offer better anti-relay,
  blocking and user authentication operations.  
- Improved Configurability of SMTP through wcConfig. See the new SMTP
  section in WCCONFIG.
- wcSMTP now the option validate users when SMTP clients attempts to
  sent mail to your system. Mail destined to users who do not belong to
  your system, will be rejected at the SMTP level.  A standard SMTP
  Error "User Not Local" will be reported to the sender. This saves
  WCMAIL from having to bounce the message when it is imported.
- wcSMTP will now "learn" bad domains and email addresses and record
  them in the file data\baddomains.txt and data\badrcpt.txt.
- wcSMTP now supports the Extended SMTP protocol (ESMTP) for user
  authentication.  With ESMTP, email clients must log into Wildcat in
  order to verify the accounts. It is now possible to regulate which
  users can relay mail thru your system.
- wcSMTP is now part of the "server list" for wcNODE.  wcNode will
  now show SMTP as a server.  This allows the server to be shutdown
  for maintenance.
- wcSMTP now has a very informative log file system.  wcSMTP now will
  automatically rotate the log file every day.  To disable the log
  rotation,  define a DWORD registry value:
      DailyLogs = 0
  alternatively, you can start wcSMTP with the command line switch
  /dlogs-  (/dlogs+ to enable)
- Support for MAPS RBL (Mail Anti-Spam Protection System -
  Real Time Blackhole List).  This system blocks thousands of sites
  known to openly allow the use of their smtp servers by spammers.  This
  option is only usable for systems connected to the Internet full-time.
WEB Server Changes:
- Greater Configurability.  A new icon in wcConfig for the web server.
  Mime types can now be easily added to the server.
- Improved support for CGI scripts.  The web server now supports script
  mapping to support external languages, such as Perl, Python, PHP and
  more (this does not include ASP).  Fixed and added several CGI Environment
- Support for index file names other than default.htm
- Improved log file support.  You can improve performance of the web server
  by turning off reverse dns in wcconfig-general-network.  You can reduce
  the size of the log file by excluding specific files, directories, or
  file types (such as gif and jpg files)
- Automated support for closed vs. open systems.  Point your "get an account"
  links to /signup.  If the system is a closed system, /closed.htm is shown,
  if it is open, /public/newlogon.htm will be shown.
FTP Server Changes:
- The FTP Server will now offer a 2 level directory display system as
  oppose to the flat directory system used before. With the new 2 level     system, Level 1 is the File Groups, and Level 2 is the File 
  Conferences within a File Group.
  If you wish to disable this new display logic, define a DWORD registry
- FTP Server now has a wcFTP.log file to consolidate the users who
  connect to the ftp server.
ANSI/TELNET Server Changes:
- Now supports sending of expiration warning messages.  Previously,
  it displayed warnings.  Now it can do both.  
- A fix was made to the sysop file upload manager where it was
  not clearing the recently file uploaded and if you wanted to
  upload the same file into different areas, it would give you
  and "Already Exist" error.
- Improved Setup program, easier to configure and manage users.
- wcListServe now uses an internal database system for the subscriber
  database.  This results in a faster database access system.  A
  conversion tool (wclsupdate) was provide to convert the ODBC
- wcListServe now properly handles failed email addresses.  Previously
  it would stop sending list messages when one subscriber failed.
- Domain email is now supported in wcListserve.
- Remote adminstration of lists added.
- New adminstrative tool (wcladmin.exe) for importing and exporting large
  lists of addresses.
WCRADIUS Server Changes:
- wcRADIUS is now part of the "server list" for wcNODE.  wcNode will
  now show RADIUS as a server.  This allows the server to be shutdown
  for maintenance.
- Custom configuration per user can now be stored in the user database,
  rather than the wcradius.users.txt file.  This is configured in the
  wcRADIUS options.
- Timeout support fixed.
wcPPP Changes (Changes are not in the Vircom drivers)
- wcPPP Server now has better logging and disagnostic information
  written to the activity logs.
- wcPPP Server had a mite where it was possible to get a "Fast
  Disconnect" if the user's timeleft value had an internal negative
  value stored.
- wcPPP Server idle timeout value can now be set in WCCONFIG General
  Settings | Idle Timeouts.  Default is 15 minutes.
wcNEWS changes:
- wcNEWS has a new command line option /HOST to define the host
  to export/import news group mail.  This works with the NETWORKS
  setup.  A host most be defined where the domain name is the
  news domain host.  Newsgroup conferences must be linked to the
  type wcNEWS /? for help.
wcMAIL changes:
- Better Logging and added daily log rotation.
- Fixed problem with "folded header lines"
- wcMAIL now has the capability of sending an auto response and posting
  the original message.  Prior, once the auto response was sent, the
  original message was killed.  This allows for sysops to create
  email systems where an 'acknownledgement' can be sent back to the
  originator, i.e., order or support email system.
- Although unrelated to wcMail, wcMail will do less mail bouncing
  because wcSTMP is handling the bouncing of email immediately.  This
  reduces wcMAIL overhead in handling bounced mail.  Of course, in
  setups were wcSMTP is not used, wcMAIL will handle the mail bouncing.
wcSETUP Changes:
- wcSETUP had a bug in skipping the Wildcat! 4.0 file database import if
  1 file failed to be imported.   Now, this error is ignored and it
  continues with the import.
- New window socket "helper" library, see wsockhlp.wcc
- New extraprompt.wcc internal wcc to create extra prompts
  not in the normal wcc files.
- New HTML-MAILFORM.wcc for creating submitting form responses to a
  mail conference.  A configuration file must be created for each mail
  form you create which specifies the information about to,subject and
  conference number.  See mailex.html example.
- New function "SendExpireWarningMessage" is used in LOGONUTL.WCC to
  generate any new expiration warning messages.
- ODBC support added.  See wcodbc.wch for details.  (Note: This does not
  provide ODBC access to the Wildcat! Databases.)
- New functions in htmlutil.wch:
  function GetPostVars(file as String) as String
  THis function reads in POST vars from html headers, so that
  you can use the GetParamStr and GetParamInt to get the values
  from a POSTed form.
  Usage: dim params as string = GetPostVars(Param(1))
  function nl2br(text as string) as string
  This replaces newlines in text with the html tag <br> followed
  by a newline.  This helps in converting plain text from text
  files or submitted forms to html for display purposes.
  Usage: newtext = nl2br(oldtext)
- Added support for language prompts:
    ContinueNonStop (NEW)
  The above prompts were previously hardcoded.
wcStart Changes
- Improved support for synchronizing networked startups.
- New configuration options for programs (start minimized)
Software Development Kit
- The SDK has been updated with this release.  This is the first update
  to the SDK in two years.  Examples are the same, but you'll need the
  headers and libraries.