AUP 448-2 Change History


Fixed importing and exporting of news groups.

Fixed receipt of email with multipar/report mime types, used by some systems for administrative messages, such as bounced email messages.


Fixed bug where File Request Wizard Page was not going back correctly after a successful request was completed.


Fixed: Using ZMODEM over telnet would hang a node if the user aborted the transfer.

Fixed: File uploads of zip files that are password protected would cause the node to hang.

Fixed: Some log entries in the activity logs used only 2 digits for the year. This caused statistics generated by wcStats (wcReports) to incorrectly calculate dates. A fix has also been applied to wcStats to correctly deal with 2 digit years in the activity log files.


Cleaned up the property display for users. Date field was too small and it showed bad date for undefined dates.


Fixed: Log file output of a certain condition would cause wcNews to abort.

NOTE: Other problems with importing and exporting news groups were actually a problem within wcMail, see notes above on wcMail.


Fixed: Using a delay to start applications would cause wcStart to consume 100% of the CPU until that application started. WcStart now works without doing this.

WcHTTP (Web Server):

New: the ‘client?termincal.wcn’ URL will now redirect a web browser user to the URL ‘/code/html-terminal’ which in turn redirects the user to ‘telnet://hostname’ where HOSTNAME is the same as the web servers domain name. Most web browsers today will open telnet.exe when it receives a telnet:// URL.

New: There are now several new error files that can be used in place of

The ‘unauthorized.htm’ file. These files must be in the wc5\http\errors directory, and include the following:

    Locked out: lockedout.htm
    invalid node number: invalidenode.htm
    incorrect password: badpassword.htm
    node already used: nodeinuse.htm
    user already logged on: alreadyloggedin.htm
    user out of time: outoftime.htm

The ‘unauthorized.htm’ file can now be placed in either the wc5\http or the wc5\http\errors directory.

Fixed: CGI’s would not execute correctly if the option ‘allow only in cgi directory’ (under the script map tab in wcconfig/web) was unchecked. CGI now executes in the CGI directory correctly regardless of that setting.

Fixed: Under Windows 95/98 users would stay logged in. This has been fixed. This fix also deals with the occasional hung user in versions prior to 448.

Fixed: The web server now denies logins from users who are over their time limits.

WcStats (wcReports):

Fixed: wcStats incorrectly calculated dates from the activity log files that had only 2 digits for the year.


Fixed: Digest list messages were sent without a subject line.

AutoUpdate Client:

For owners who purchased WINServer in the month of January, AutoUpdate.exe would not allow them to enter a purchase date in the year 2000. This did not have to do with any Y2K calculation errors, but rather the purchase validation routine did not consider purchases made after 1999 as valid (ie. It was too far into the future when WINServer was released, so they considered it to be an invalid date).