AUP 448-4 Change History

New Web Interface:

A new web interface is now available for this release. This update effects the following web interfaces/pages:

- Message System,
- File System,
- Who's Online,
- Chat and,
- Personal Options

Files related to this are located in the TEMPLATES directory under the http directory. You can see a preview at Santronics Online Web Site.  New Features included in the new WEB interface:

* Conference Threading
* Cleaner Design using Style Sheets
* Improved Personal Options
* Support for Selected Conferences
* Support for Message attachements
* Ability to delete multiple messages at once

Prior to updating:

1. Backup your existing HTTP directories. While we have taken great care not to introduce any problems with the new templates, however, many WINServer users may have highly customized systems. We do not want you accidentaly overwriting your customized work and not having a backup! (We general recogmend a backup of the whole wc5 directory prior to running an AUP). This is especially important if you are running WMP, and you accidentaly overwrite the templates during the AUP.

2. To use the new web templates, you must download the new templates during the AUP. This will overwrite files in your TEMPLATES directory.

3. Some graphics (around 4Kb) will be put into your /public/graphics directory. The filenames are c-chat.gif, c-who.gif, c-personal.gif, c-file.gif and c-message.gif.

4. If you do not want to use the new templates, the system will work with your existing templates, whether or not they are customized.


FIX: Now respects the Reverse DNS option in wcconfig/general info. Unchecking this should result in better smtp performance.

NEW: wcSMTP.EXE will now check for Socket error 11001 (Host not found) and use this as well to stamp the bad domain file.

NEW: The wcsmtpft.dll file is now dynamicaly loaded. If you do not wish to utilize the "BAD DOMAINS and "BAD EMAIL" filter feature of wcSmtp, you can remove this dll (or rename it) to turn it off.  In a future update, this will become an option in WCCONFIG SMTP setup so that you don't need to rename/delete files.

wcHTTPS (Web Server)

FIX: PATH_TRANSLATED was incorrect for CGI programs

FIX: If a user was logged in via http, and then the sysop updated the user via wcreports (or other method), when the user was logged out, those changes were lost. additional work towards stopping hung wcnav users in http.


FIX: a problem accessing the database in certain situations, which resulted in failure to deliver a message to the list(s).


FIX: For VERY old log files (pre-sept99) that contained PPP login failures, dates were incorrectly entered to the activity log files.  This caused wcstats to use incorrect dates (1/1/01). wcstats now invalidates dates that are in the future.

wcServer (Wildcat Server)

NEW: For large file area systems, you can now speed up the server loading by avoiding the file path checking. For large systems, this can be a long time (3000 areas can be 15 secs on a 166 MHZ system).

To avoid the server startup file path verifier, create a DWORD registry key named "VerifyFilePaths" under the registry location:


VerifyFilePaths = 0 Turn Off verifier
VerifyFilePaths = 1 Turn On verifier

NOTE: This new option is a valid option in the sense, the server was simply verifying and writing a warning to wildcat.log. It was not double checking and creating file paths if not available. This will be a future consideration in WINS2000 with new "server loading options" definable in wcConfig.

NEW: Fixed a bug in the Wildcat! Server file area library database system where there was a potential random server critial abort for setups having very large file areas systems.


FIX: Ftp server was updating the TimeLeftToday. No need too because the update was done at the server level.

Dynamic File Download/Upload Statistics

NEW: All interactive connections (MODEM, TELNET, FTP, HTTP, WCNAV) now dynamically updates/check the download/upload statistics after each file transfer. The old way, the stats were only updated after the user ftp session ended (logged off winserver).

QWK Sub-System

FIX: internal QWK Delete Directory (DeleteFiles) function that was broken in 448.1. It did not delete the directory files.


FIX: Fixed upload problem when uploading a second file with the same name and the name was provided by the user (not via the protocal)

NEW: Updated wcBASIC global "VERSION" constant to say "5.3".   Previously, it was defined as "5.02"

FIX: Fixed up wcRun command line switch options so that long parameters with spaces can be passed to the wcx applications if surrounded by quotes.


wcrun -r "test prog.wcx" p1 p2 p3 "P4 is a long string"

The "test prog.wcx" application will now see the paramstr(i) strings as:

paramstr(1) = "p1"
paramstr(2) = "p2"
paramstr(3) = "p3"
paramstr(4) = "P4 is a long string"

Previously, the 4th parameter would had been broken up into 5 parameters.

NEW: Changed menu.wcc to support an auto-colorized menu option.

If the file semaphore, "data\usecolormenu.sem" exist, and there is no menu display file for the menu, then WINS will automatically colorized and format the menus for you.

If you want WINS to auto-colorized/format the menus, then create this dummy file "data\usecolormenu.sem".

How does this work?

The reason for this open was because we found the default way wcMENU was creating menus for you was redundant and not "pretty" when you didn't have ANSI BBS menu files. For example, by default, wcMENU create menus that has the following layout

hostkey Menu Text
X [X]......Whatever X is
Y [Y]......Whatever Y is
Z [Z]......Whatever Z is
  ^^^^^^^^^ REDUNDANT!!!

If you were the type of sysop who relied on the default text, then you were wasting time formatting the menu text. Why not allow the system to format the above automatically?

Now, if the data\UseColorMenu.Sem file flag option, you can save alot of time by allowing WINSERVER format the menu. All you have to do is create the menu text like so:

hostkey Menu Text
X Whatever X is
Y Whatever Y is
Z Whatever Z is
  etc, etc

Note: For backward compatibility, you don't need to cleanup the menu text. If it is already in the default format, WINSERVER will automatically fix it up for you.


FIX: Fixed auto command line exiting with push button stuff.


FIX: Fixed Internal Cut/Paste. In 448.3, the fix for external wcDRAW cut/paste screwed up the internal.

FIX: Fixed Recent File list in menu. Somehow lost in *a* previous AUP