AUP 448 Change History


As of this AUP, Wildcat! will now work under a network environment where wcserver is running on a remote server and clients are running on Windows 2000.

NOTE: Windows 2000 is a unreleased product from Microsoft. It is scheduled to be released on Feb/2000. 


Disabled an old logic where the security access profiles automatically reassigned the EMAIL conference.  Now, you can effectively disable the EMAIL conference per security access and it will no longer get reset upon restarting the system.

Fixed the intermittent CHAP password problem with wcRADIUS connections.  The fix at the server will make sure it will not happen again for any type of client connections.

wcHTTP (Web Server):

Uploads via http were not updating the user record with the uploadKB and number of uploads. This is now implemented.

The web server now increments the users times online. This is limited  to web browser logins via the /login url. Logins performed by directly accessing some page within the non-public directories will not increment  this value. This is to prevent 'inflation' of this value.



Enhanced the display of wcONLINE. Now a "since last date" statistics is shown.  The heart beat is default at 3 seconds. 

A major improvement was made to wcONLINE running on a network with wcserver on another machine.   No longer will wcONLINE will be wasting networking bandwidth with unnecessary IP access checks that was done for PPP connections.   The problem was this was being doing regardless if you had wcPPP installed or not.  So it is disabled now if wcPPP is not installed.


Fixed a bug with UUCP mail having bang addresses.

Fixed a problem in the exporter that removed some blank lines from messages

wcMail now seperates html from multipart mime messages that are received (if user does not have preserve mime)


Added new feature for  Automatic HOME (File Area) directory for users. When a ftp user connects, he will be automatically put into his home directory if and only if the following connections are met:  He has access to only 1 File Group and 1 File Area within this File Group.

NOTE: This is a quick solution for specific conditions where some customers have a user system where each has their own and single file area. The logic will not work when multiple groups or file areas are accessible by the user. We plan to have a different solution that will encompass a much broader scope of design in WINSERVER 2000.


Relaxed the verification of proper email headers.  In the past, if an email did not have the lines: TO: and DATE:, wcSMTP/wcPOP3 would add its header to compensate.   This could confuse email readers from handling MIME sections of the email (attachments).    Now, all that is needed is the TO: to validate an email header.   Note: This only happen with users using email systems like PC-ACCESS which was non-compliant with standard RFC email headers.  The vendor has been informed and they have indicated fixes will be available in the future.


Enhanced the speed of operation by improving the speed of the DATA\BAD*.TXT filter check

By default wcSMTP is now secure against relaying.  Since day one, wcSMTP allowed relaying if the FROM address contained a domain name that was local to the system. In 447, we disabled this 'feature' IF SMTP Authentication was enabled. Now we have gone one step further.   Due to the large volume of SPAM Relaying reports recieved which are   directly related to this 'feature', we have disabled the use of the  FROM address to relay through wcSMTP by default. SMTP Authentication is no longer required to provide complete blocking of email relay.  If you MUST have this 'feature', you must:

1. disable SMTP Authentication
2. set the registry entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/MSI/Wildcat/wcSMTP  with a new DWORD variable called AllowSPAMHole. Set it to 1.

If you do this, your system is OPEN TO RELAYING BY THE WORLD.


Fixed the intermittent CHAP password problem with wcRADIUS connections.


Added a SPEED column to the connected nodes viewer.


Fixed an export format  bug that caused crashing during re-importing.


Cleaned up wcqwk.exe. Fixed a small bug where if it would fail, it would set the qwk mail conference pointers high regardless.


Fixed obscure bug in wcsetup that caused problems on failed file imports from wildcat 4.


Fixed 2 bugs with modem nodes.  If node was tapi, than wcnode didn't work right and setting  states.  If node state is set for refuse, then it works the first connect, but after recycle the node state is set back to up.


Added new sdk/wcbasic function:


The function will remove the attachment and also update the message header structure so that upon return, the client software will know the attachment field has been cleared. This fixes the msgutil.wcc module.

The sdk function wcDeleteFile() will also update the message structure.


Added missing macros


Added new macros




Changed in wcBASIC logic for Uploading files. Wildcat! traditionally followed the transfer protocol logic for naming a file. If the protocol allowed a file name to be passed, then it became the eventual file name stored overriding the file name provided by the user when Wildcat! asked the user before the upload took place.

Now if a file name is provided, wildcat will use this name for the uploaded file if and only if a single file is uploaded. In other words, when Wildcat ask the user for the file name, this is the name used for storage if there is only 1 file uploaded. If more than one   file is uploaded, then it reverts back to using the file names uploaded because Wildcat will not be able to make a reliable determination of matching pre-defined file names with the disk directory order of files uploaded.

Added new wcBASIC command: SetIdleTimeoutLogoff(TRUE or FALSE).

Added new function to htmlutil.wcc/wch:

Function UrlEncode(string) as string

This function will encode a string for use in a URL

$encoded = urlencode("This string will be properly encoded!")
$url = "http://site/code/html-something?text="+$encoded

Dynamic HTML:

Added support for a new WCX file:  htmlscanfile.wcx.   This works the same way as the ANSI side with scanfile.wcx.  When a file is uploaded via the web, htmlscanfile.wcx will be executed if it is available.


Made some corrections to HELP BBS files where the links were pointing to the wrong BBS file names. Corrected files:

ANSI File Lister File List.bbs
File Group List.BBS
ANSI File Lister File Area List.bbs
ANSI File Lister Group List.bbs
Files List Command-List.bbs