Build 449.2: Info on update released September 19, 2000

This AUP is a minor revision to build 449.1. It contains several bug fixes. Version numbers for most software will not change with this update, and may still reflect build 449.

This is a short summary of files that are updated, and what fixes they contain.

  • Wccore.dll - fixed display of security profile names in ansi mode (sysop editor)
  • wcohttp.dll - increase socket connection backlog to decrease likelihood of getting 'connection reset' errors in web browser
  • wchttps.dll - fixed public cgi problem when using script maps
  • wccomm.dll - fixed KERMIT receiving files with compressed names
  • wcmail.exe - fixed import of autoresponders using email addresses - fix potential memory leak with autoresponders
  • wcsmtp.exe - fixed import of autoresponders using email addresses
  • wclistserve.exe - fixed errors handling emails with very (very) long lines.