Build 449.3: Info on update released December 28, 2000

This AUP is a minor revision to build 449.2. It contains several bug fixes. Version numbers for most software will not change with this update, and may still reflect build 449.

AutoUpdate Client:

Date problem fixed that caused the autoupdate system to download updates again even though they were already retrieved.


Fixed WcAPI Function Call UpdateFileRec(). This fixes a crash in wcserver.exe caused when moving a file from one area to another using WcReports.


Remove improper date in digest subject line. Since there is a date header in the message already, we will not put one in the subject line at all.


FIX: Dates in RECEIVED headers now RFC formate. Additional error checks on email address parsing. Extended hostname matching, should reduce slightly the number of "host missmatch" log entries.


Fix import error caused by parsing a empty email address.


Menu.wcc - prompts are now changeable using wcDraw to edit the prompts: MenuPromptNoviceCommandLine, MenuPromptRegularCommandLine

Wcrefresh.wcc - fix reading file dates. Avoid adding directories to the file database.