Build 449.6: Info on update released October 26, 2001 Through November 18, 2001


Changes, Fixes and Enhancements by Wildcat Component

449.6 October Release


- Fixed Problems with wcNavigator Connections. WcCore.DLL and wcGUIAGT.DLL files were updated.


- For WEB system, you can now have Mail Area and File Area description files display on the web during non-frame mode. For example,

disp\mailarea10.bbs description file for mail area 10
disp\filearea51.bbs description file for file area 51

These are text based file. If the files are present, the web clients will display the description file when listing the file or mail areas in non-frame mode. To enable this, make sure the two options:

@Set ShowMailAreaDesc=TRUE@
@Set ShowFileAreaDesc=TRUE@

are set in http\template\


- New library: FileInfoLib.wcc/wch used for extraction file information. This module is used by the ANSI and WEB file uploader.

- WEB MAIL: Changed the error "Creating Thread Object" to "Message deleted or Message not found" (HTML-READ MESSAGE.WCC)

- ANSI Upload Private Files prompt will now loop check the response provided by uploader when providing a user name. (UPLOAD.WCC)

- Fixed TIMEUTIL.WCX GetSecondsXXXXX() functions. It did not account for the seconds for past days, only seconds within the current day.

- Enhanced HTML-WHO.WCC by adding Time (hh:mm:ss) column to display.  The template changed: http\template\whos_online.htm

The following WCBASIC changes fixed older WCX compatibility problems:

- Renamed htmlutil-msg.wcc function WebConferenceListing() back to ConferenceListing()

- Created HaveNewMailEx() and added back the old HaveNewMail() function to htmlutil-msg.wcc

- 449.5 added a new module called MSGLIB.WCC. For 449.6, this module was merged into msgutil.wcc. MSGLIB.WCC is no longer part of the plus pack.


- In 449.5, uploadok.htm was renamed to file_uploadok.htm but it had the wrong information.

- WHOS_ONLINE.HTM was changed to support a TIME column.

AUTOUPDATE (AUP Version Control)

New check files for AUP directories were created:


These files must not change for proper AUP updating. If missing, the entire directory will be updated.


Numerous enhancements and some fixes to the WEB FILE CLIENT

- Added WCT support to many of the file templates.

- Fixed some frame vs non-frame web page issues.

- Added FILE_ID.DIZ import support via WEB uploads.

- Added Private Files support for web uploads. The File Area must have the option "[ ] Allow Private Files" enabled. The FILE_UPLOAD.HTM template will only show the optional "Private User Name:" prompt only for these file areas. Note: Dynamic hidding of the prompt is only supported under IE 5.0+ browsers. Netscape does not support DOM as of this time.

- Removed new files scan web cache. This was not necessary and it only caused rescan problems (did not show up) when files were moved into the system

449.6 November Release


Corrected/Clean up the API. Added error checking. Activated the LOADODBC option in wcOnline, but it is off by default. See below:

Microsoft’s MDAC 2.5 and MDAC 4.0 contain a problem with ODBC and threads. If a SQL statement was issued with a where clause, the WCX application would eventually fault wcONLINE. Microsoft confirmed this bug.


The ultimate solution is to upgrade the MDAC version on your machine. Please keep in mind that Microsoft made signficant changes to ODBC driver support starting with MDAC 2.6. So upgrading may alter your database environment. Read the Microsoft MDAC information on their web site.

However, Microsoft did provide a "work-around" to solve the current problem with MDAC 2.5 and MDAC 4.0. This solution calls for loading the MSJET40.DLL library at the beginning of the application. WCX applications can not load it because its a chicken and egg problem. The top level application has to load it, wcOnline and wcRun.

For wcOnline to load this library, you need to create the following registry option:




If the value is 1, wcOnline will load the MSJET40.DLL when it starts up.

For ODBC wcx applications executed via WCRUN, wcRUN will automatically load this library.


The default wcBASIC library was updated to remove the technical miscellaneous error message "Error Creating Thread Object"


Fixed a bug in reading lines in the input file. This was released via the AUP 449.6 on 11/03/2001


Wildcat! News Server was added to the AUP distribution. About box was cleaned up.


Added P3P support information. See the Santronics Support Web Site for P3P implementation information.


SPAM RBL enhancements:

First, the reference to MAPS RBL was removed. It is now SPAM RBL. The default RBL host is now: The new wcCONFIG will reflect this change.

Second, the way wcSMTP rejected remote clients was based on the connection. So if an IP was blacklisted at the RBL host, wcSMTP simply dropped the connection.  This old method didn't give the remote client a chance to respond hence they tried again, again, again, and again. The logs built up fast.

The new method is the recommended method for RBL rejection. This means the connection is allowed to come through, but at the point when the remote sends the RCPT TO: line (recipient email address), a 550 error code rejection is automatically issued saying:

    550 Refused mail at <rbl host>; See http://<rbl host> for details.

You will not see this. it is sent to the remote. What you will see in the wcSMTP logs is:

    DENIED: ip <remote ip> filtered at <rbl host> (orig rcpt: <email>)

In addition, the mapsrbl.log was renamed to spamrbl.log and it is a lot cleaner. In it you will see a 127.0.0.x rejection reason. If X is greater than 0, then the IP was rejected for X reason. These reasons can be found at the web site.


Added the missing online help for the new fields created in previous updates.   Updated to reflect SPAM RBL in wcSMTP setup.


Fixed a bug reading long FROM: fields (over 255 bytes). This rarely occurred with some newsgroups articles.


Enhanced the logging of failed logins.

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