Version 5.5 Build 450.1: Info on update released May 12, 2002

- V5.5 Build 450.1 is a major upgrade.  A converter tool is required
- Please note that Santronics anticipates to update the online help in
  the next AUPs as we migrate to Wildcat! 6.0 where we will have complete
  updated manuals and documentation.
Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat Component
- Support for NT services.  
  You can now run the following as NT services:
  See wcservices.txt for complete details.
- Support for long file Names (File Database only).
  Note: LFN support begins with new files added to the system. 
        Previous files will still retain its 8.3 short file name 
        format.  It is not possible for the converter to regenerate 
        the long file name from an altered 8.3 name.
- Password Expiration Security Options.
  Wildcat! now supports password security/expiration features on a per
  security profile basis.  See WCCONFIG | SECURITY PROFILES
- Logon Hours Restrictions.
  It is now possible to restrict the login hours on a per security
  profile basis and/or per user basis. See WCCONFIG | SECURITY PROFILES
- Download/Upload Channel Signaling.  This is an SDK developers feature
- Optional footer and X-header lines for all outgoing emails. See
  wcMAIL description below.
- Support for Close/Validation system operation.  In a close/validation
  system, the user is allowed to create a new account, but they are not
  allowed access to the system until the user is validated by the sysop
  or by validation WCX software.
- Made changes to all file database related wcc modules to support 
  long file names.
- Fixed wcBASIC string functions Left(), Right() and Mid() when incorrect
  string index ranges are passed (example, n < 0).
- Fixed MD5() and MD5String() functions
- Added new command HasPPPServer() to detect if wcPPP is loaded. This
  helps control some of the fast logon scripting issues.
- Fixed UPLOAD.WCC module for renaming file uploads when the file 
  already exists in database.
- Changes made to file database related templates to support long file
- Changes made to DISP\*.BBS files to support long file names.
- Changes made to DISP\*.BBS files to support enhancments to the Sysop User 
  Editor Manager.
- Added support for NT Service operation.
- Added support for NT Service operation.
- Changes made to support long file names and new file database integrity.
- Made change to templates where necessary to support long file names.
- Fixed miscellaneous carriage return corrections.
- Added support for NT service operation.
- Fixed bug when editing the file name.
- Added new SMTP SPAM RBL option:

    [ ] Always allow authenticated users.

  If checked, it will allow the connection to go thru even if the
  IP is blocked at the SPAM RBL site.
- Added Password Expiration and Logon Hours to Security Profiles.
- Cleaned up the logs.
- Added support for NT Service operation.
- Added logic to auto-adjust the email conference high water mark.
  This should reduce support issues dealing with deleting the wcgate.ptr 
  file to reset the high water marks.
- Added restart (reload configuration) logic.
  You can restart from the following without stopping wcMail:
  - "Restart" task menu option
  - New wcPostwm.exe Windows message "wildcat.restart.wcmail"
- Importer will no longer wait 5 seconds after processing first message.
  It will reset to 5 seconds once no more mail is found to import. This 
  should speed up email importing.
- Log now shows the exported from address. Before it was just showing the 
  user's login name. This will allow us to see if proper domains are being used.
- Fixed an abort bug with extra long "Content-type:" lines.
- Added support to add a footer and X-header lines to all outgoing emails:
  All you do is create some new files in your data directory: 
     data\email-footer-XXX.htm 		if not found look for .TXT 
     data\email-x-headers-XXX.TXT	Add X- lines to the header block 
  where XXX is the conference number (0 for email). 
- Added support for NT Service operation.
- Added Multiple DNS server. 10 maximum.
- Added direct support for Windows 2000/XP DNS address lookup.
  You no longer need to edit the Windows 2000/XP registry at:
  to define the DNS server.  wcSMTP will automatically use the OS setup.
- Added new option to allow IP connections blocked by SPAM RBL site to
  continue for Authenticated users. See WCCONFIG
- Fixed buffer overrun mite in MAIL FROM: smtp state point.
- Fixed intermittent DNS resolution bug when matching the host.
- Fixed Socket timeout problem when transfering very large files (250 megs 
  or larger).
- Updated to support Long File Names
- Numerous bug fixes.
- Added support for Password Expiration and Logon Hours.
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