Version 5.5 Build 450.2: Info on update released July 9, 2002


- V5.5 Build 450.2 is a minor update over 450.1.

  HOWEVER, it is a major update if you are upgrading from v5.4.449.6
  previous versions.  You should read the AUP 450.1 history changes.

  A converter tool is required (convertwc55.exe) to convert from
  v5.4.449.6 or less to v5.5.

- Before you run the AUTOUPDATE,  make sure Wildcat! is shutdown
  completely.  AUTOUPDATE does tells you to shut it down, but some
  people don't read the initial screen.

- After you run the AUTOUPDATE, you need to do two things:

  1) Run ConvertWc55.EXE if you are upgrading from v5.4.449.6 or
     anything less. If you currently have 450.1, you don't need
     to run this conversion utility.

  2) Run AddPrompts.exe to update the language prompts. A new
     switch /FULL was added to perform a complete prompts update.
     Previous, it only added new ones.  If you converting, you
     need to use the /FULL switch.

- If you have a license for WcReports, you should also run

Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component


- WCSERVER.EXE had a kill date of May 31. Removed and immediately
  re-released on May 31.

- Wildcat! SDK functio, DeleteFileRec(), now honors the
  TFileRec.NeverDelete option.

  Note: automated tools expecting to be able to delete records, must be
  aware of the records NeverDelete flag.


- modules updated

  html-personal.wcc      - allows password changed via WEB
  ques.wcc               - now supports user validation field
  wcrefresh.wcc          - file area synchronization w/ LFN support
  download files.wcc     - extra waitenter was added by mistake
  msgutil.wcc            - new message prompts updated.

  the follow modules were updated for string escaping adjustments:

  html-file password.wcc
  html-create message.wcc
  html-new message.wcc

- AUP distribution of wcrefresh.wcx was recompiled for LFN support.
  Note: It was missing from distribution since 449.6


- URL typos fixed:



- AddPrompts.exe was updated.

  For 450.1, customers were required to copy the file
  over the language\wildcat.wcp to get the full new 450.1 prompts.
  The addprompts.exe utility did not change existing prompts nor
  did it remove old prompts.

  The new 450.2 Addprompts.exe now has a /FULL switch which will
  allow you to update prompts which has changed and remove old

  TIP: Run Addprompts.exe /FULL, allow it to analyze the changes
       and then answer N to the "final update proceed" question.
       Then review the log file addprompts.log to see what prompts
       were changed.

  If you modified any of the base package prompts, you will lose the
  changes if you perform a /FULL update. Make a backup of the
  language\wildcat.wcp or use the WCPROMPT.EXE utility to export the
  current prompts to *.PRM files.


- Fixed the Full Screen Editor "Escape" layout.

- Fixed a WCT template buffer corruption bug


- Fixed ConvertWc55.exe utility to read the configuration data path to
  locate the files database.

- Converter now copies the SystemPassword (if defined) from the from
  HKEY_CURRENT_USER wildcat folder to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE wildcat
  location.  This eliminates the need to run wcSYSPW again to reset the
  password in the new location.


- Fixed bug reading badly formatted BASE64 messages.

  NOTE: WCMAIL v.5.5.450.2 was AUP released on June 7, 2002, 5:00pm


- Fixed some compatibility problem with WCREPORTS (in general VB

- If you have Microsoft OCX missing files when you run WcReports, use the
  WcReportsUpgrade.exe setup to install the missing files.

- Fixed minor display bug with WCONFIG | COMPUTERS | HTTP Proxy checkbox


- Default Security Profile home page now works for HTM and WCT
  extensions. The *.WCT file is searched. If not found, the *.HTM is
  seached. If not found, the default index page is used.

- Fixed redirection to proper default home page after a new questionaire
  is completed. The fix includes support for default Security Profile
  home page.

- Updated MIME_TYPES.CFG with new mime types (i.e., text/html xml
  required for IE browser)

- Fixed all web pages escaping/unescaping issues originating with
  fixing bug of downloading of files with long file names.

- Fixed extra "/" in URL when URL has "PUBLIC/"

- Fixed a bug in 449.5 where a new user account created, but did not
  complete the quesnew questionnaire did not delete the account.


  WEB Server IP Address Binding

  It is now possible to bind the single IP address to the WEB HTTP port
  on multi-home machines.  The Windows registry is used to set the
  Host domain name or IP address. Use the WcRegEdit.exe utility.


   wcregedit /local /value:wcWeb\HostAddress /string:
   wcregedit /local /value:wcWeb\HostAddress /

  Either an IP address, domain name or computer name can be used. If
  blank or the variable "hostaddress" is not defined, the web server
  falls back to binding all addresses on the machine. Note: Winserver
  does't bind all. Windows Socket commands does. It accepts one ip
  address or all ip addresses on the machine.

  We want to see how this works before we add it to the other Wildcat!
  TCP/IP services (FTP, TELNET, etc).


- Fixed the "Display Macros" listbox in wcDRAW.


- Added support for outgoing email footers (no X-headers are supported
  since it will require extension header parsing).  Only the conference
  0 footer will be read.

- SMTP will now strip the "/" string found in the user name prior to
  authentication.  I believe this will help users who have virus
  protectors designed to have a SMTP login field format of
  "username/domain" as part of the virus protector shell. However, if
  the user disables the virus protector, the setup is still there in the
  SMTP client thus causing authentication errors (user "username/domain"
  user not found).


- File Owner can no longer delete a file, only the File area Sysop
  (this was added in 450.1, but was incorrect)

- File Owner/sysop can now overwrite/replace a file.

- New FTP trace log option:

  Optional Registry DWORD item, wcFTP\EnableFTPTrace, allows for tracing
  a single session. Use WcRegEdit to set it on or off:

     wcregedit /value:wcFtp\EnableFtpTrace /dword:1
     wcregedit /value:wcFtp\EnableFtpTrace /dword:0

  NOTE: This is mainly for debugging/solving ftp client issues. DO NOT

- Anonymous FTP Connections limits

  Optional Registry DWORD item, wcFTP\AnonymousFTPLimit, allows you to
  limit the number of current Anonymous FTP connections to your system.
  For example, if you set this value at 5, only 5 anonymous accounts at
  the same time.  Use WcRegEdit to set the value:

     wcregedit /value:wcFtp\AnonymousFtpLimit /dword:5


- Restored the call type in wcRADIUS back to DIALUP call type. This
  fixes the multiple logon problem.


- POP3 will now strip the "/" string found in the user name prior to
  authentication.  I believe this will help users who have virus
  protectors designed to have a POP3 login field format of
  "username/domain" as part of the virus protector shell. However, if
  the user disables the virus protector, the setup is still there in the
  POP3 client thus causing authentication errors (user "username/domain"
  user not found).

- Fixed a minor bug with the "TOP x y" command, shows double dots.

- Fixed a BASE64 conversion buffer overwrite bug.


- New file wciphlpapi.dll is now distributed with WINSERVER.

  A new dll called wciphlpapi.dll is now required by WINSERVER.  This
  new dll resolves the 450.1 dependency on the Microsoft IP helper
  library (iphlpapi.dll) which is not found on NT 4.0, Win 9x systems
  unless it was specifically installed by the user (usually
  software developers or some other Microsoft application).

  What this means is that, a) v5.5.450.2 will once again work on ALL
  Windows operating systems, and b) that wcSMTP will fall back to only
  using 1 DNS server address when the Microsoft DLL (iphlpapi.dll) is
  not installed on the machine.  When installed, wcSMTP will support
  multiple DNS address lookups.

- "Check for Mail" access check. ANSI/TELNET Logins only.

  A popular request was "How do you disable the automatic check for mail
  during logins?"  The typical answer was wcBasic recoding of the
  LOGON.WCC module. Now ANSI/LOGONS will check to see if the user has
  "Check for Mail" access.  You can set/unset the access in wcCONFIG |
  Access Profiles | Menus