Version 5.6 Build 450.3
This build concentrates on adding security (SSL and/or TLS) to 
the Wildcat! Internet hosting servers.
Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component
WCSSL (Wildcat! SSL)

- Added SSL support to Wildcat! Internet Hosting servers.

- Added new SSL configuration, setup and certificate management
  utility called wcSSLConfig.exe. 

WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- Fixed an intermittent files database bug when moving files or
  changing file descriptions.

- Enhanced the shutdown window to show the process names still
  connected to the server.

- Added new server SDK functions for TLS (SASL) authentication.

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- Enhanced/Added new WCCONFIG Setup sections:
  - New NNTP Server setup.
  - New FTP Server setup.
  - New "Mail Server" Setup section (see image below):

  The new Mail Server (SMTP/POP3) setup combines the key "mail setup"
  sections into one section.  The "Networking" and "SMTP Server" setup
  sections were merged into the new "Mail Server" setup. The SMTP Server
  setup was enhanced and a new POP3 Server setup section was added. In 
  addition, we added new views of the email access and security domains.
  We believe the new layout will make it easier to setup your email 
  MailServer.jpg (38900 bytes)
- Added new Internet options to the Access Profiles.

- Added new View menu options to help add the default external
  modules and to customize the view of the configuration icon window:

  See the new menu options under the menu View.

  The option "Add Default Modules" will add the external module icons 
  to the WcConfig Control View window so that you can run these modules
  from within wcconfig.  

  The default external modules for configuration are:


  This is useful when you wish to run wcConfig from a remote machine
  and the external module information is not stored on the remote
  machine registry.  Another typical reason why the information may
  not be stored in the local registry is because the installation of
  Wildcat! was done manually on the local machine.

- Enhanced the Access Profiles manager usings a new "Options List
  Property Page" system.  In the future, many of the configuration
  property page dialogs will take on this new look and feel.

WCONLINE (Wildcat! Online Connection Manager)

- Added Tray Icon option. See WCONLINE menu option; Tools | Use Tray Icon.

WCFTP (Wildcat! FTP Server)

- Added SSL and TLS support.

- Added new WCCONFIG | FTP Server options.

- Support for renaming files.

- Support for obtaining the file timestamp.

- New extended Wildcat! QUOTE commands

  QUOTE FPWD xxxxxx             set download/upload password
  QUOTE FDSC xxxxxxxxxx         set file description for upload
  QUOTE LDSC xxxxxxxxxx         set file long description for upload
  QUOTE LCLR                    clear description
  QUOTE INFO filename           show file information

- Added some interesting WCX functionality to the ftp server:

  1) QUOTE XCMD wcx arguments

     Run run the wcx.  Wcx is expected to issue all proper responses.

  2) QUOTE XRUN wcx arguments

     Run the wcx using the wrapper runftpproc.wcx program.

  3) Dynamic QUOTE command system using WCX. When issuing a quote:

          QUOTE command arguments

     If the FTPCMD-command.wcx exists, it will be run. Otherwise, a
     standard "500 command not found" is issued.

     The wcx is expected to issue all proper responses.

  Number 3 is the most useful. See example quote command:

     ftpcmd-search.wcc    search for files (not finished)
     ftpcmd-newfiles.wcc  display new files since

  NOTE: This is for the control channel only. We are not passing the
  data channel/thread to the wcx.  Not sure we could do this elegantly
  or with helper dll functions.

- FTP now supports the ACCT command for setting the file password.

- The FTP server registry options are now in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  This resolves the issue of the FTP server running as an NT service
  and the HKEY_CURRENT_USER not being accessible.

- Added REST (restart) support for downloads and uploads.
  Note: The FTP client has to support this REST extension.

- Added APPE (append) support. Wildcat! will add to the existing file.
  If the original does not exist, Wildcat! will create a new file.
  Note: Wildcat! will only allow the original file owner or sysop of
  the file to append.

WCPOP3 (Wildcat! POP3 Server)

- Added SSL and TLS support.

- Added POP BEFORE SMTP allow relay option:

- The POP3P server registry options are now in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  This resolves the issue of the FTP server running as an NT service
  and the HKEY_CURRENT_USER not being accessible.

- Added SSL and NON-SSL server support.  This allows you to have both an
  SSL POP3 server and a regular non-SSL POP3 server.

  However, if the SSLRequired option is set to 1, then the non-SSL POP3
  server will not allow a non-SSL connection to log in.  It will tell
  the client that SSL is required.

- Fixed bug that caused MAC version of Outlook Express to timeout.

WCWEB (Wildcat! WEB Server)

- Added SSL Support to WEB Server.

  The WEB server will allow both types of connections, non-secured and
  secured. The non-secured port 80 is still used just like always. If
  SSL is enabled for the web, a secondary secured web server is created
  using the default port 443. 

  To add a secure connect URL link option to the public default page,
  use a default.wct with a https:// link. For example (I switch the
  angle bracket to square brackets to not confuse HTML mail here)

  [a href="/login?mode=HTML"]Login[/a][br]
  [a href="https://@ECHO HTTP.HOST@/login?mode=HTML">Login via SSL[/a][br]


- Added an exception handler for the WireHandler callback in wcsrv2.dll
  The exception handler allows the application to continue or abort.
  This is very useful to trap VB applications using the Wildcat!
  Callback system incorrectly or because of VB run time library errors
  faulting the application.

- Added TChatMessage and TPageMessage to wcBasic and SDK:

  - wctype.h
  - wccdll.dll compiler updated

  Chat Between Nodes.wcc was updated
  pagemsg.wch was deprecated

- Added System.Event, event SE_SHUTDOWN_REQUEST support to:

    - wcMAIL
    - wcSMTP
    - wcONLINE

- Added to wcSERVER, new SDK function and structures:

    BOOL APIENTRY WcGetProcessTimes(TWildcatProcessTimes &pt);

    BOOL APIENTRY WcSASLGetMethodName(char *buf, DWORD bsize, DWORD tid);
    DWORD APIENTRY WcSASLAuthenticateUser(TWildcatSASLContext *ctx,
                                          const char *fromclient,
                                          char *response,
                                          DWORD szresponse,
                                          TUser &u);

    DWORD APIENTRY WcSASLAuthenticateUserEx(TWildcatSASLContext *ctx,
                                            const char *fromclient,
                                            char *response,
                                            DWORD szresponse,
                                            DWORD calltype,
                                            const char *speed,
                                            TUser &u);

- A new WCBASIC security function was added to detect a secured session:

     Function IsSessionSecured() as BOOLEAN

  return TRUE means the connection is secured, otherwise FALSE.

  A "secure connection" means a successful SSL connection was
  established during the length of the session.


- Updated the NT service batch files and description.

- Wildcat! Hosting Services no longer requires the Wildcat! Server 
  (wcserver) as a NT service dependency.

  Type -? for the applications to see the command line switches.
  For example: wcOnline -?


- Some miscellaneous fixes to WCNODE command line mode.


- Wcsetup was enhanced with a new setup wizard, better conversion options
  and new maintenance/fixup options.

WCTELNET (Wildcat! Telnet Server)

- Fixed a possible telnet socket read buffer bug which might address two
  possible situations; 1) intermittent session lockup when telnet sessions
  are ungracefully aborted, 2) and possibly address the wcNavigator terminal
  client not displaying its characters.  These items needs to be verified.

WCNNTP (Wildcat!News Server)

- The Wildcat! NNTP News server now has a GUI configuration section in
  wcConfig.  See the new "NNTP Server" icon in wcConfig.

- Added wcNode support. You will now see the NNTP server listed under
  wcNODE's computer servers list window (left side) which allows you to 
  control the server availability.  You will also see news client user
  connections in the nodes window (right side).

- Added support for showing new/changed "Newsgroups" mail conferences to
  the user's news client software (if requested by the client). This means
  that when you add a new newsgroup or published mail conference, the next
  the user connects to your news server, the user will see a "New NewsGroups"
  popup windows offering him a chance to subscribe to the newsgroups. 

- Added support for NNTP Server access profile option:

    [X] Allow NNTP Server Access

  See wcConfig access profiles internet options.  If this is not set, 
  the user will not have access to the news server.

- Support for Anonymous account connections. See the new NNTP Server 
  options in wcConfig.

  For anonymous news connections, a special Wildcat! user account must
  be created in the same manner done for Anonymous FTP. The special 
  account name must be:

  username: Anonymous News
  password: news
  Create a special security and access profile specifically for this user
  account and set the Read, Write, Join access for the mail conferences.
  All other access options should be turned off with the exception of the
  access profile internet option [ ] Allow News Server Access.

  Mail posted by anonymous news account will have the FROM: as set by the
  news client for the news account name.

  TIP: Offer a public access HTML link (URL) to your news server:
  The following html tag provides a way for your users to start their
  news client and automatically subscribe to the newsgroup:

    <a href="news://news server domain address/newsgroup name"> Join our newsgroups!</a>

  For example, Santronics now offers a public Wildcat! support forum
  which does not require you to login:

    <a href="news://"> Public Wildcat! Support!</a>

  Test our news URL now: Public Wildcat! Support

- Added Session tracing. See NNTP Server options in wcConfig.  With this
  debugging option enabled, a wcNNTPTrace#.log file per node will be created.
  This session trace log is useful for debugging or tracking how clients 
  talk to the news server.