Version 5.6 Build 450.4
This build v5.6.450.4 is a minor maintenance release.  
Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component
WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- Fixed File Database quick index keys deletion bug. This fixes bad file
  searching results caused when a file was deleted.

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- Added two new options to the Mail Areas Conference setup:

  General Page:

     Default From Name: __________________________________

     If this field is defined, it will be used as the FROM: name
     for new messages in this conference.  This is useful for
     mail conferences such as support forums where there might
     be more than one person responding to mail and you wish
     to maintain a single/constant from: name.

  Settings Page:

     [ ] Force Preserve Mime

     If this option is enabled, then mail saved in this forum
     will be saved in its raw format (as it came in) thus
     preserving its mime content.  Otherwise, the normal rules
     are used for mail storage which depends on the conference
     type and/or the user's preserve mime option.

- Minor correction to the External Module loading.  If a module
  had a space in it (for example, WcListServe Setup.exe), it will
  no longer show up in the WcConfig viewing window.   In the previous
  version, we made a change to allow for command line parameters. The
  space conflicted with the parsing logic.  This was corrected by
  adding a command line parameter input field in the "Add External
  Module" option.

WCSSLCONFIG (Wildcat! SSL Configuration)

- Fixed the SSL required option. It wasn't being saved properly

WCWEB (Wildcat! WEB Server)

- Fixed a wcNavigator web browser bug when SSL was enabled.  This bug
  only occurred if SSL was enabled and when older wcNav user installations
  was requesting the old browser client causing an abort in wcOnline.

  Note:  If the browser client did not exist under the clients folder, 
  this problem did not show up.  Santronics no longer supports, nor has
  it been supported since 1998, the "Browser Client" under your
  clients folder.  You should delete this folder to avoid wcNav request.  
  It doesn't work and it was originally designed when Microsoft IE did 
  not exist in the old days when MSI attempted to write there own browser.
  Get rid of it. 

- Fixed a minor typo in activity log entry for failed wcNav downloads.

- Fixed a memory leak in wccore.dll when a template did not exist.


- Corrections to wcBASIC module, carbon.wcc, addresses a problem
  with the carbon copy option, "GROUP security" where it was sending
  carbon copies to users not in the primary security name provided.

- Corrections to wcBASIC module, FTP Client.wcc, addresses LFN
  display issues.

- A new wildcat.wcl was created and the wcBASIC plus pack was updated.

WCQUES (Wildcat! Questionnaire Designer)

- Fixed registry setting (was not translating to new SSI folder)

WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP Server)

- Optimized/reduced the wcserver bandwidth by eliminating the redundant
  calls to the server to get the SASL authentication methods available.
  This is now done once during wcSMTP startup.  EHLO connections should
  be much faster now.

- Cleaned up the wcSMTP log a little bit to reduce the misunderstanding
  by some customers of certain log events (i.e., relay blocked)

WCLISTSERVER (Wildcat! List Server)

- Fixed the setup Confirmation File input field.  It now saves the
  the file name.  
- Fixed a potential bug with Date fields which are really long.

- Fixed the confirmation message subject field which was different
  if a confirmation file was used.

- Improved the new mail polling logic.

  Now it is more server efficient.  It nows checks the server 
  for new mail every 10 seconds, rather than every 5 seconds.   
  It also uses a better technique (SDK function GetHighMessageIds()) 
  to get last read pointers.  
  In addition, if a list message fails to be sent due to an 
  SMTP error, the list server will now retry to send it every 
  5 minutes.  Before, it was trying every 5 seconds, the old poll 

  So overall, the new polling logic improves the server efficient
  and reduces the fail attempts that are not fixed.

  The following two registry options allows you to change the
  polling and retry logic for wcListServe:


  Name : PollWaitTime
  Type : DWORD
  Value: 5 (seconds)

  Name : ResetTriggerTimeMins   (Retry)
  Type : DWORD
  Value: 5 (minutes)

- Added a switch option to reset the last pointers:

  wcListServe /rescan

  This switch option should only be used in situations where you
  have lost the last read pointers.  This can happen if you restore
  your configuration/data files and they don't match the actual 
  message files.  Note:  Duplicate mail will not resent since all
  mail sent is tagged.  So if a rescan takes place, the tagged mail
  will be skipped.


- Updated the sysop editor display file SysUserMatch.bbs to match
  the sysop editor sorting options.