Version 6.0 Build 451.1


Version 6.0 Build 451.1 is a considered a major version update with many new features and options across the board, especially in the area of wcBASIC, WCSDK, Anti-Spam, FTP and Web server operations.


Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- New Wildcat Server SDK functions.

  See wcSDK/wcBASIC update information.

- The Wildcat! Server can now run in Local RPC operations only. 

  In the past, the server required a Network and Local RPC binding
  even if you did not intent do run any Wildcat! client across the
  network, i.e., Wildcat! Server on Machine A, and wcOnline or any 
  other server client, like wcLocal, on machine B.  If you intend to 
  run the Wildcat! on a single machine with no requirement for 
  LAN connectivity with any other Wildcat! client, then you may 
  consider the new System Security option in wcConfig:  

    [X] Local RPC Operations Only.

  See wcCONFIG update information.

- The Wildcat! Server now supports wcBASIC clients running under
  the configuration client context.  See wcCONFIG update information.

- Wildcat! Server now flushes the user and file database files to 
  disk when they are updated.  This should help reduce any lost of 
  user or File database data for unexpected reboots or machine 
  power outtages.

- Corrected some logic for non-static IP internet connections 
  where if the connection was lost/disconnected while the server was 
  up, future attempts forced the broadcasting (addin a small 2 second 
  delay). It also send a false "Client IP advertisement Error" to server. 
  This small issue is now fixed.

- Cleaner RPC startup logic. No longer requires RPC networking protocols
  do be defined in the registry. 

  In the past, this resulted in a RPC 1719 error message which required 
  you to install missing RPC protocols definitions in the registry.  

  If you enable the new option System Securition option in WCCCONFIG, 

    [X] Local RPC Operations Only.

  then the server startup will disable and skip over RPC Networking.

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- New bandwidth/throttling setup features for WEB and FTP.

- Fixed the order of the Auto Answer modes in Modem profiles. 
  It should be:

    Ring Detect
    Ring Result

  The first two were reversed.

    Ring Result
    Ring Detect

    Auto Answer

- Added System Security option so that RPC TCP/IP Networking can
  be disabled and only local RPC is used.  

    [X] Local RPC Operations Only.

  If have no need to run Wildcat! in networking mode (running 
  Wconline an other machine), then you can enable the new 
  "Local RPC Operations Only" option.

- Added System Security options to support wcBASIC configuration
  context operations. This will allow special wcBASIC applications
  to begin supporting remote configuration ideas.

- Added reversed DNS option to each of the internet servers.

WCSSLCONFIG (Wildcat! SSL Configuration)

- Fixed some miscellanous mites when saving changes.

WCONLINE (Wildcat! Online Controller)

- n/a

WCWEB (Wildcat! WEB Server)

The following enhancements and new features were done for the Wildcat!
Web Server:

- Added bandwidth/throttling support.  Default Off.

  Bandwidth throtting allows you to set a limit of the total bandwidth
  a user can used per session.  It helps keeps your system more

- Added support for simple YesNo questionnaire option.

- Dynamic Reloading

  The web server no longers needs to be restarted when changes 
  are make to web server configuration items/files. The web server 
  will detect the changes and re-read the information when it is 
  idle (no one is connected).

- Web URL Redirection/Aliases.

  A new http alias/redirect configuration file is now available
  which allows for the creation of simple "alias" name for long 

  The name of the new "http alias" file is config\http_alias.cfg:

  For example:

  alias       redirected url
  ----------- --------------------------------
  subscribe   /code/html-subscribe
  newsletter  /code/html-newsletter?date=today

  The goal with the URL alias is to provide you with a short and 
  sweet alias URLs to present to users rather than the long urls.

  For example, if you have a public url such as:

  you can now make it:

  by declaring an alias in http_alias.cfg.

  This also provides a way to change the redirected url while 
  keeping a constant, consistent alias for public presentation.


  The alias will override any existing folder path. For example, 
  using the newsletter alias. 

  If you have a http\newsletter folder, the alias will override 
  this folder normal index lookup by the web server. 

  Normally, with no alias defined for newsletter, the following 

  will open up the newsletter folder if a index file is found
  in this folder.

  With the alias, the redirection to the defined url will take

- Support for HTTP chunking.

  The Wildcat! Web Server now support the HTTP Chunking option. 
  Chunking is basically the flushing of web data as it is generated
  by the web server.  The browser will be able to begin displaying
  information immediately.  This offers a tremendous speed improvement 
  in WEB server-side scripting operations, including WCX (wcBASIC) and 
  The web server will automatically chunk/flush the output buffer when
  it rearches 3/4 or 75% of the internal buffer (32K) size. Hence 
  the feature benefits all server-side scripting systems.

  wcBASIC developers can use the HttpFlush() command to flush the 
  current output buffer to the browser. 

  See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.

- New Web server wcBASIC hooks.

  The Web server now supports wcBASIC hooks when the user logs on and
  off the web server. A idle timeout hook is also supported.

  See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.

WCFTP (Wildcat! FTP Server)

- Added a new tab to the FTP server setup to edit the messages.

- Added bandwidth/throttling support. Default Off.

  Bandwidth throtting allows you to set a limit of the total bandwidth
  a user can used per session.  It helps keeps your system more

- Fixed a time out problem not closing the socket in all possible
  PASSIVE MODE situations.

WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP Server)

The Wildcat! SMTP server has undergone a major enhancement over
the last year to address the industry wide SPAM problem.  New features
such as wcSAP were added to eliminate a large percentage of spam at the
protocol level (before the mail is received).

- Added ANTI-SPAM logic to check for HELO/EHLO IP Spoofing


    client ip is, issues


    a ip check to see if its a valid dot address and compare it with the
    client ip.

- Added support WCSAP Anti-Spam Operations.

WCPOP3 (Wildcat! POP3 Server)

- Added rDNS support

WCMAIL (Wildcat! Mail Gateway)

- Fixed a file sharing conflict under high SMTP/Mail Import loads.

WCLISTSERVER (Wildcat! List Server)

- Updated the utility wcladmin.exe to support the current wcListServer subscriber database format.

WCNNTPSERVER (Wildcat! NNTP News Server)

- Added rDNS support

WCREPORT (Wildcat! Reports)

- Fixed the automated script command line mode where an extra
  "Cancel Update?" window prompt was displayed.

- Moved the wcREPORT Setup options from the registy to a server 
  side configuration file.  

  This allow wcReports to be installed and run from multiple 
  machines and read the common server configuration file. Before, 
  the setup options were stored on the local machine registry which 
  were lost if wcReport was run on another machine.

  Wildcat! will provide a default configuration file for all base
  installations, regardless if you have wcREPORT or not.
  This allows for new applications to use the wcReport defined 
  options using a traditional Wildcat! client/server methodology.

WCMENU (Wildcat! Menu Editor)

- n/a

WCQUES (Wildcat! Questionnaire Editor)

- Added support for config\extendeduserfields.ini

- Fixed up YESNO Question Action type.

- Enhanced the file open/save dialog.

- Added delete questionnaire from the file open dialog.

WCDRAW (Wildcat! Ansi Display Editor)

- Added support for sysop defined extended user fields.

- Fixed the display of extended user defined fields.

- Fixed the handling of %b boolean type extended fields.

- File tree items are now sorted.

- Display macro fields are now grouped in orderly fashion; 
  MISC, SUB followed by the rest of the macros.

- You can now delete files using the Right Click menu.

- Fixed bug with the FILE | OPEN option not now showing *.BBS files


- See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.


- See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.

WEB HTML Templates

- Changed http\template\message_create.htm

  The reply header:

    On @DATE@ @TIME@, @MSG.FROM.NAME@ wrote to @MSG.TO.NAME@:

  was changed to:

    On @MSG.DATE@, @MSG.FROM.NAME@ wrote to @MSG.TO.NAME@: