Version 6.1 Build 451.4


Version 6.1 Build 451.4 is an minor update with a few significant fixes and new features.


Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- Fixed a file download bug in the security access for File Areas using
  the option:

      [X] Allow Private Files

  If you are not using Private File Areas, this bug did not affect you.

  See  Private File Areas for a complete description.

- Fixed short file name (SFN) bug for files stored on a network drive mapped
  VMS DEC Operating System directory which does not support short file names.

  This is actually a Windows Bug.

  To support LFN and SFN, Wildcat! stores both when adding a file to the 
  database. Windows will give you both the short and long file name so
  we use Windows to get the SFN name when you add a new file.

  If the directory is located on a VMS (DEC) machine and is mapped using
  a Windows drive letter, Windows gives you the LFN, but a blank SFN.

  You can see this by using the DOS DIR /X command. /X tells Windows to
  display both the SFN and LFN.

  Wildcat! did not expect to see a "blank" for the SFN. The fix was to check
  for the unexpected blank and leave the short file name field blank.

WCREPAIR (Wildcat! Database Repair)

- Added auto repairs command only switches.

  Now it is possible to run WCREPAIR automatically to repair server databases
  in scheduled events.  Note: The Wildcat! Server still must be shutdown when
  running wcRepair.

  Run WCREPAIR /? to see command line options.


  wcRepair /auto                    repair everything, all mail areas, file areas, etc.
  wcRepair /automail               repair only mail areas
  wcRepair /auto /areas:0        repair everything, but the selected area 0

  The /Areas switch allows you to enter a range of numbers within double quotes:

  example: /auto /areas:"1,3,11-14,100-105"

  Repair mail areas 1 and 3, 11 thru 14 and 100 thru 105.

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- Fixed Security Profile Bandwidth options. Was not updating property page
  fields with newly saved values.

- Added new WEB SERVER options:

   [X] Enable HTTP Chunking

  By default, the web server will use HTTP chunking to dynamically send html 
  output to the browser. If this option is disabled, the browser may "appear" 
  slower in display large output data.

  Note: The option was made available to allow sysops to turn off HTTP
  chunking in new situations where a display is not being handled
  correctly by the WEB server HTTP chunking logic.

- New WEB Authentication Options. See Wildcat! WEB Server Authentication.

WCSTART (Wildcat! Startup)

- Added logic to prevent multiple instances of wcStart startups.

- Added menu option for Auto Dialup Networking dial option. Might be
   useful for systems that need call the internet first.

WCWEB (Wildcat! WEB Server)

- Fixed snoop mail bug in Web Mail client. 

- New WEB Authentication Options.  See Wildcat! WEB Server Authentication.

- Improved WCNAV.HTM template for FireFox Web Browser.

  A simple modification to the HTTP\TEMPLATE\WCNAV.HTM template can be done to
  solve the Java Authentication window:

    <head><title>WcNav Applet Window</title></head>
    <applet code="COM/winserver/wcnav/Wcnav.class"
               width=200 height=100>
    <param name="cabbase" value="
    <param name="context" value="@SUB1@">
    <param name="client" value="">

  where the main change is the addition of the "/PUBLIC" folder to the archive value and
  the param cabbase value

  Once you do this, create a folder called wcnav under the public folder and copy the
  wcnav.jar and files to this directory.  Use the following DOS commands to 
  achieve this:

        cd \wc6\http
        md public\wcnav
        copy wcnav\wcnav.* public\wcnav


  When using FireFox, for some reason or another, it does not pass the BASIC/DIGEST
  authentication to the "/wcnav/wcnav.jar" request when a user clicks on the CHAT
  web option.  IE does not have this problem.  By making the request public, no
  authentication will be required to find the wcnav.jar file.

WCFTP (Wildcat! FTP Server)

- Fixed the MSLD extended command.

  The MSLD output did not have a required space preciding the path name.
  Adding the space solved a problem with a certain FTP client using the
  extended MSLD command requiring the space. Other FTP clients tested did
  not have the space requirement. However, it is correct to have the space
  per MSLD specifications.

- Fixed the FTP response for "QUOTE SIZE filename" command.

  The FireFox Browser FTP client had a problem connecting to the Wildcat! FTP server 
  because it was using "QUOTE SIZE" command with a missing file name expected by
  Wildcat! FTP Server.

WCONLINE (Wildcat! Online Controller)

- Major memory enhancement by disabling WIndows internal thread notifications 
  for all the Wildcat! DLL files. According to Microsoft MSDN,  this should theoretically 
  provide improvement in speed for large, busy RPC based multi-threaded systems - 
  that's Wildcat!

WCMODEM (Wildcat! Modem Host)

- Fixed intermittent modem hangup/resetting bug.

- Major thread performance enhancement, especially for large modem pools setup.

WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP)

- Added minimum support for client side submitter (still under R&D)

- Cleaned up some of the logging. Add more logging for a few parts which should
  help sysops analyzing logs.

WCSAP (Wildcat! Sender Authentication Protocol)

- New RecursiveLimit option in the WCSAP.INI file.

  WCSAP was updated to watch for malicious recursive SPF records by spammers.
  Recursive means a function calls itself over and over. Some malicious SPF spammer 
  prepare poor SPF records with the intent to break SPF supportive sites.

  In these records, the SPF record points to another site using the "REDIRECT" SPF
  directive which points to another SPF DNS record, which then points to the 
  original SPF DNS record all done in a never ending recursive cycle.

  WCSAP support the SPF default trap limit by watching for 20 recursive calls. 
  A SPF record can only redirect 20 times. This is default setting.

  However, this was deemed too high for a legitimate system. So the new 
  RecursiveLimit option can be used to lower the limit.


            RecursiveLimit 10

  This new option is part of the SPF Options section.


- See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.

WCT (Wildcat Template Processor)

See new Wildcat! Templates Programming Guide.

- Fixed parsing bug with the ACCESS.VAR.SUBVAR macro.

- Added new DATE.xxxxxxxx MACROS

DATE.DAYNUMBER Days since 1970
DATE.TIMENUMBER Seconds since midnight
DATE.DAYOFWEEK Day of week, sun = 0

- New WCTEMPLATES.CHM "WCT Command/Macro References Guide" to
better document WCT programming.