Version 6.1 Build 451.5


Version 6.1 Build 451.5 is a major update with significant fixes and new features.   

If you are up-to-date with Wildcat! versions, this is essentially a plug and play update.  

However, the most significant fix and improvement was related to the new WEB Server cookie-based  authentication options introduced in 451.4.   If you never used the new cookie-based authentication features and would like to do so now, see WEB Authentication.   If you are currently using cookiest, the WCWEBAUTH.ZIP was updated with some enhancements.  

The http\template\*.* files were updated with new JavaScript Mail Inbox features. A new Web-based File manager option was added.

The Web Server was improved to better support the login/logout options.  

If you are using the wcWEB Chat Module, see the special upgrade note about moving the "http\wcnav" folder.  

NOTE: Starting with this verison we will being using a new legend and nomemclature to document and itemize the upgrade items (NEW, FIX, ENH, CHG).  See the special upgrade notes.


Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- FIX: Fixed bug with updating current user records who are currently online.

- NEW: Finger Server now logs connection IP address.

- FIX: WCSERVER will no longer translate certain control characters when adding 
  preserved mime messages. This fixed a problem with email messages with PDF file
  attachments stored using quoted-printable MIME content.

- NEW: WCSERVER will no longer automatically upper case the TO: and FROM: 
  header lines when adding a message. If you want the old behavior, set the 
  following registry option:

    KEY: HeaderUpperCase
    DWORD: 1 - Force upper case
    0 - Ignore case (default)

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- NEW: Added new SMTP Mail Server options

  WCSAP and SMTPFILTER can now be turned on or off via wCCONFIG.

WCEVENT (Wildcat! Event Scheduler)

- FIX: WCEVENT will now save the current settings when it is stopped by
  a Windows Reboot.  This fixes the situation where the Scheduler was
  enabled but not permanently saved.

WCCORE (Wildcat! BASIC Core Runtime Engine)

- NEW: Added new HttpUnEscape() WCT macro

- NEW: Added Language Yes/No macro for Web Operations.

- FIX: Fixed ContinueNonStopQuit prompt. It was not being displayed.

- FIX: Fixed WCNAV New User signup DATA\BADNAMES.LST check.

WCWEB (Wildcat! WEB Server)

Overall, the Web Server was given a major cleanup and internal facelift to fix some old legacy issues mostly related to or showed up with the new Cookie-Based authentication system introduced in AUP 451.4.   One of the major symptoms of the new cookie authentication system, was "hung users" in the web server.  However, this mainly highly a bug which was already there. It was just not rearing itself until cookies logins were used.  We believe these problems are now solved by addressing all the possible situations that could make this happen. 

- FIX: WCSERVER SASL (DIGEST/MD5) bug for login names with spaces.  For the 
  WEB Server, this caused double and hung user logins!

- FIX: Mixed WCNAV browser cookie login with BASIC/DIGEST login.

- FIX: WCNAV Login with Web Browser auto login

  Fixed WCNAV login with Browser startup when COOKIE is disabled in browser. 
  This was leaving a hanging HTTP session that you could not disconnect. With the 
  fix, the web server will now redirect the LOGIN to obtain browser cookie settings. If 
  none, the browser is redirected to the public home page.


- ENH: Small correction to HTML-NEW MESSAGE.WCC to fix (make readonly) the To: display
  file for a mailing list reply via the web. This was just for cosmetic reasons because 
  WCMAIL will automatically force the Conference.ReplyToAddress (if any) for a mailing 
  list export.

- CHG: WCNAV JAVA module folder location.

   The template file "http\template\wcnav.htm" was changed to use a 
   /public/wcnav/wcnav.jar chat module URL.

  If you are using the Wildcat! WEB Server Java Chat Module,  you need to move 
  the following folder:


   This is required to support the FireFox Browser which will force the user to login 
   again if the original private access only "http\wcnav" folder is used to store the 
   WCNAV.JAR file.  It will still work but the FireFox user will be forced to login again. 
   Moving the file to the public folder solves this problem.

- FIX: File Search and New Files Listings now uses the user's file page size.

- ENH: Web File Uploader now supports replacing file is the user is a sysop or the 
   original owner of the file.

- NEW: Added DOWNLOAD url to the File Information web display.

- NEW: Web File Manager Options

  New templates and WCBASIC modules were added to offer web-based file 
  management options based 100% on the user's security. The security is consistent 
  with the ANSI/TELNET options made available to users to edit  or modify a file 
  record.   New menu options are shown when the user clicks on the file listing 
  INFO or DESC url to display the file information:

    [Delete Record]
    [ Delete Record & File]
    [Move File]
    [Sysop Edit] or [Change Info]

- ENH: Improved the File Lister with a new Upload and Refresh option.

WCONLINE (Wildcat! Online Controller)

- CHG: WCONLINE now automatically loads the WCODBC module.!

WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP)

- NEW: SMTP Outbound (Send) Trace Logs

  Enabling Trace Logs in SMTP will create detailed transaction logs for sending outbound
  mail as well as receiving inbound mail.

    Receiving:   WCSMTPTRACEyyyymmdd.log
    Sending:     WCSMTPSENDTRACEyyyymmdd.log

- FIX: Fixed a formating log typo for the send mail transaction.

- ENH: Enhanced the SMTP status window. 

- NEW: Added new SMTP options:

    Maximum Accept Connections:
    Maximum Accept Load:

- ENH: Now honors Mail Server "Accept Local User Email" option. The old registry option 
  AllowLocalUserEmail is deprecated.

- ENH: WCSMTP will now automatically mark delivered mail as sent.

  When WCMAIL exports email, it marks the email as exported. WCSMTP then 
  takes the exported email and begins the delivery process.

  Previously, WCSMTP only marked successfuly delivered mail as sent if the 
  following email conference option was set:

       [X] Delete external user email once delivered by SMTP

  With this update, WCSMTP will now mark all delivered mail as sent regardless of 
  the above option. Since this option is only used by the mail maintenance packer, 
  with the option on or off, the marking the message sent was deemed as useful 
  information to know about the processing history of the message.

  When mail packing begins, with the option off, deleting the email will be based 
  on your conference mail limits. With the option on, the delivered message will 
  be deleted immediately during the packing process.

WCFTP (Wildcat! FTP Server)

- FIX: Wildcat! FTP Server PUT command erroneous response

  Fixed PUT command returning "500 command not understood" erroneous response
  when the file already existed or the user upload access was denied.

WCMAIL (Wildcat! MAIL/Gateway)

- ENH: Now honors Mail Server "Accept Local User Email" option. The old registry option 
  AllowLocalUserEmail is deprecated.

- ENH: Cleaned up log errors, i.e., log "duplicate message"  errors rather than show
  0x2000001D error.  

- NEW: Added "Dupes:" counter to WCMAIL Statistics

- NEW: Added logic to support local user posting to a Normal conference via a Internet 
  Mailing List alias electronic message.  This basically makes sure the imported
  message will have non-email addresses in the FROM: and TO: Wildcat! message
  header fields.

WCSAP (Wildcat! Sender Authentication Protocol)

- CHG: The files WCSAP.WCX and WCDNS.DLL are automatically installed.  
   WCSAP.ZIP now just contains the setup files which you don't have to 
   unzip if you already have them.

- FIX: Removed space from CBV "MAIL FROM: " command for RFC x821 compliance.

- FIX: WCSAP/WCDNS SPF processor for INCLUDE was not correct.

- NEW:  WCSAP can now be turned on or off via wCCONFIG.

WCBASIC (Wildcat! BASIC Software Dvelopment Kit)

- See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.

WCSDK (Wildcat! Software Development Kit)

- See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.

WCT (Wildcat Template Processor)

- See Wildcat! Templates Programming Guide.

- ENH: Added correct logic for WCT FILE I/O default directory

  All WCT file requests without a specific WC: path directory will automatically
  use the parent path for the file.


  Given a HTML template WCT File loaded:


  and this page contains a WCT server side include:

    @INCLUDE "myfile.htm"@

  without a specific WC: path, the template processor will now automatically
  use the parent path:


  to establish the complete path:


WCNNTP (Wildcat! NNTP/News Server)

- FIX: Fixed log typo

WCLISTSERVE (Wildcat! List Server)

- FIX: Fixed WCLISTSERVER mungling of mail when a list header file was used in 
  list forum.

WCRADIUS (Wildcat! RADIUS Server)

- NEW: WCRADIUS online help was improved. Now users WCRADIUS.CHM file.
  The old WCRADIUS.HLP is now obselete.

- NEW: New WCRADIUS Option Added

    [_] Allowing disconnect from any approved RADIUS client.

  If enabled, the connected user can be disconnected from any other approved 
  RADIUS client ACCOUNTING_STOP request. If disabled (default), only the RADIUS 
  client for which the user logged in with can disconnect or stop the session. By 
  approved, we mean the user has access to the RADIUS client.

  For example, user XYZ has access to two among three RADIUS clients: user XYZ allowed access user XYZ allowed access user XYZ has no access

  The user connects using If a ACCOUNTING_STOP (disconnect) 
  request came from nas3, WCRADIUS will deny the request. If the request came 
  from nas2, the disconnect will be allowed.