Version 6.1 Build 451.8


Version 6.1 Build 451.8 is a minor update with a few significant fixes, enchancements new features.  If you are up-to-date with Wildcat! versions, this is essentially a plug and play update.  


Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- FIX: Fixed rare Multi-Same User sessions Update User record synchronization bug.

  Fixed a very rare intermittent bug with high loading of multiple same user connections 
  in WCSERVER where it possible to create a conflict with passwords causing an user 
  to fail to login with invalid password.

- ENH: Launching Configuration from the status menu now uses local computer name 
  for the server connection.

- NEW: Added support for New .WCTAccess Files in HTTP folders. See WCWEB for details.

WCFTP (Wildcat! FTP Server)

- ENH: Better logging of FTP log and FTP activity sessions.   

  Cleaner WCFTP.LOG logging now shows session information per connection id.  

  Now writes login errors to the activity.node log file.

WCWEB (Wildcat! WEB Server)

- FIX: Fixed the template FILE_AREAS.HTM with incorrect URL syntax.

- FIX: Fixed URL Unescape for incorrect %XX tokens.

- NEW: Added support for New .WCTAccess Files in HTTP folders. 

  The Wildcat! Web Server now allows for securing HTTP folders using special files 
  called ".WCTACCESS" This allows web operators to have private web directories.


  Folder called "\wc6\HTTP\WebManager" exist and you wish to limit access to this 
  folder to the administrator security.  

  Step 1:  Create a file called .WCTACCESS using notepad or any text editor in this folder:

    NotePAD \wc6\http\WebManager\.WCTACCESS

  Step 2: Added the following lines:

    Deny From All                              # Deny Everyone
    Allow User.Security administrator    # But allow user's with administrator security.

  See Wildcat! .WCTACCESS Files for complete commands supported.

WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP)

- ENH: WCSMTP Missing TO: Field support

  WCSMTP now better support incoming messages that have a missing TO: field.

  Technically,  Email standard RFC 2822 does not require a TO: field, however, the
  orginal RFC 822 specification does require a TO: field.

  Two new registry DWORD values were added:


       DWORD: EnableMissingTo=1  (Default)
       DWORD: EnableStrict2822=1  (Default)

  Turning these both off (0), will revert to previous WCSMTP behavior which makes
  wcSMTP follow the 822 specification requiring a To: field.

WCLISTSERVE (Wildcat! List Server)


WCSAP (Wildcat! Sender Authentication Protocol)

- FIX: Fixed a WCDNS.DLL exception fault caused by SPF handling a bad IP4 mechanism

WCBASIC (Wildcat! BASIC Software Dvelopment Kit)

- ENH: Updated WCBASIC PLUS Source Code Files:

    run a door.wcc
    html-create message.wcc

- FIX: Fixed GetParam() and NextParam() functions in HTMLUTIL.WCC library to 
  better handle URL name=value pairs with question marks in the value.

- NEW: New TrimEol() function removes leading and training CRLF characters

- See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.

WCSDK (Wildcat! Software Development Kit)

- See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.

WCT (Wildcat Template Processor)

- ENH: Supports string concatentation with @ADD var string@

The ADD macro was originally designed for adding numbers only. Now you can use 
the ADD to concatenate (add together) multiple strings.

You could have accomplished this using the following:

    @SET s1 = "part1"@
    @SET s2 = "part2"@
    @SET s = s1 + " "+ s2@

But now it is little cleaning to use ADD:

    @SET s = "part1"@
    @ADD s = " part2"@

- NEW: New macro @TEXT varname@

A new macro TEXT is now available to allow setting a text variable using a multiline input.

    @TEXT sql.query@
               FROM ADDRESSBOOK
               WHERE NAME="JOE SMOE";

The TEXT macros makes it easier and cleaner than using the new ADD macro 
to basically setting a long string into template variables.


Beware aware of escaping any special character in the text block.  If you need 
a special character, use the %XX equivalent.

- New WCT variable sub-variable expansion {xxx} eliminating the need for complex 
  EVAL() macro commands. Simplies WCT programming.  Example:


  WCT will expand {I} first before returning the result.

WCODBC (Wildcat! ODBC)

- NEW: Added new function odbcClearError(conn)

- NEW: See WCODBC.WCH for new functions and types

- FIX: WCRUN.EXE now automatically loads the WCODBC.DLL modules.

WCXML (Wildcat! XML)

- NEW: New XML processor for WCBASIC

  A new WCXML.DLL API library was added to help support XML/RSS/ATOM 
  Web Services.  New files: