Version 6.3 Build 452.6


Version 6.3 Build 452.6 is major update . It includes fixes and new features.  If you are up-to-date with Wildcat! versions, this is essentially a plug and play update.


Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- FIX: Wildcat! deleting wc:\logs\ files failed to delete the files.

This bug was seen via WCREPORT Statistics Generation and it failed to delete the activity files.

This was because the "wc:\logs\" path was secured in prior versions and required special credentials to delete files using the Wildcat! SDK API wcDeleteFile(). For example, with the security fix in prior versions, wcReports statistics was not deleting the wc:\logs\activity.* files after wcSTATS was finished creating reports. The new wcserver resolves the Wildcat! SDK API wcDeleteFile() credential issue.

- FIX: Fixed FileUploaderKey search key

This fix allows for new functionality such as displaying files uploaded by the current user, a "Show my uploads" concept.  The bug would has shown the files, but might have skipped a few.   The following wcBASIC example illustrations how to show the files uploaded by the current logged in user:

  // File:  html-myFiles.wcc
  // List the user file records by uploader id

  print "<pre>"

  dim uid    as integer       = USER.INFO.ID
  Dim fr     as tfilerecord
  dim tid    as integer       = 0
  dim total  as integer       = 0

  if GetFileRecByUploader(uid,fr,tid) then
        // break once the uid does not match
        if ( <>  uid) then exit do
        print "[";total;"] ";
        print "area: ";fr.area;" ";
        print "file: ";;" ";
     loop while(GetNextFileRec(FileUploaderKey,fr,tid))
     print "Error: ";Hex(GetLastError())
  end if
  print "total : ";total
  print "</pre>"

- NEW: Added "Errors\Custom" Override Template system

Similar to the optional custom folder:


where sysops can place customized stock http\template\*.* files without losing their work with an Wildcat! update, you can now do the same thing with the stock "http\errors" files, by creating custom files in a folder called:


As with the template folder, for any stock errors\*.* template, the server will first check for a errors\custom version first before going to the stock files.

WCONLINE (Wildcat! Online Controller)

- FIX: Fixed GPF with using WCPOSTWM Wildcat.Clearstats.Wconline

- NEW: New ability to load new WCOxxxx.DLL hosting modules allow for future expansion.

WCWEB (Wildcat! WEB Server)

- FIX: The WEB server can now be restarted after a refuse state is set in wcNode.

- FIX: WCT API GetUserByXXXX() functions

GetUserByXXXXX() WCT API functions were accidently disabled for 452.5 release. In 452.5, the function name was changed to GetFirstUserByXXXXXX(), Now both are usable for 452.6.

- FIX: The @UPDATEUSER@ macro was not being processed.

This is used in the Personal Properties when saving user properties

- FIX: wcbbs cookie added back in.

In 452.5, we had removed a cookie "wcbbs" setting that allowed automatic authentication logic between cookied-based login forms and the normal buttons. The removal broke the automatically logic. It was added back in but this time, it is showing the BBS name, not the BBS IP Host address which was the original security audit concern for the removal  in 452.5.

- NEW: Added audio option "Good to see you again" to personal properties.

- FIX: Fixed Html vs Client Mode Timeout Issue

When the user logged in via the web browser with mode=client, then it will worked fine (launching wcNAV WCN GUI Desktop Applets) while the user is logged in. However, once the user is idle timed out and was logged off by the wcWEB, then when the browser re-activates the login, wcWEB was restarting the session in mode=html. The fix allows the browser to remember which mode the user was logged in as.

- FIX: Fixed personal property change option for birthdays.

  "JOE USER has requested to change their birthdate from n/a to N/A."

- FIX: Fixed WcFlash MP3 file extension case sensivity problem.

MP3 files with upper case ".MP3" extensions were ignored when attempting to play the MP3 file. Now it doesn't matter what the case of the file name   This will update the WCFLASH module..

WCTELNET (Wildcat! Telnet Server)

- FIX: The Telnet server can now be restarted after a refuse state is set.

WCPOP3 (Wildcat! POP3 Server)

- FIX: The POP3 server can now be restarted after a refuse state is set.

WCMAIL (Wildcat! Mail Gateway)

- FIX: Fixed importing of wcListServer list names which contains dots and underscores.

WCLISTSERVE (Wildcat! List Server)

- FIX: Fixed wcListServer line truncation problem during mail list distribution.

The problem was visible when mail threads became large and deep causing the RFC 822 Reference: header line to be very long nearing the 1000 characters line limit. WcListServer was using 992 characters limit thus causing a truncation. This limit is now fixed.


- ENH: Changes to console/text mode Sysop User Editor

  - Don't Upper case when adding new account
  - Save the Sort Order in the sysop user's profile.

WCBASIC (Wildcat! BASIC Software Dvelopment Kit)

- NEW: New StripTags() function was added

Function StripTags(s as string, allow as string = "") as string

StripTags() will remove all HTML "<xx>" tags from the S string.

If the parameter allow contained the "<xx>" tags, these tags will not be removed. By default, allow is blank and does not need to be passed.

- FIX: Fixed a bug in FLUTIL.WCC.

A bug was fixed which caused "files not found" in the text mode file listings.

- ENH: Trim() function now does a true white space trimming.

- ENH: Added constants in WCSDK but not in WCBASIC compiler, i.e, maAllowDupes.

WCSDK (Wildcat! Software Development Kit)

- ENH: The WCSDK was updated to v6.3 level

This is still work in progress. Please See Support Web Site for the latest information.

- See wcBASIC/WCSDK Update Information.

WCT (Wildcat Template Processor)

- FIX: Fixed internal macro string concatentation bug.

Given the internal macro SYSTEM.PACKETID = "WILDCAT", a @SET name=value@ macro such as:

    @SET name = SYSTEM.PACKETID + ".QWK"@

would be expected to return:

    name ==> "WILDCAT.QWK"

Instead, it return blank. This was fixed, however, the alternative was not to use the + character, like so:


- NEW: New WCT Macros


This macro will output the GMT time in hh:mm:ss format.


This macro provides WWW domain for the current wconline computer.  Don't confuse this with the HTTP host domain.  It represents the "WWW Host Name" entered in WCCONFIG | Computers. The other existing @DOMAIN@ macro returns the EMAIL domain.


The new browser Chrome was added to the known list:

<-- NEW


.... IE is the user's browser ...


This macro was enhanced.  It will return TRUE or FALSE for the browser name test, for example:

.... firefox is the user's browser ...

It was enhanced by testing for a browser name that doesn't exist in the known list, for example:

.... The MYBROWSER string was found in the USER.AGENT header ...

- See Wildcat Template System.