Version 6.3 Build 452.7


Version 6.3 Build 452.7 is minor plug and play update . It includes a few fixes and new features.  If you are up-to-date with Wildcat! versions, this is essentially a plug and play update.


Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- FIX: Fixed a hidden non-critical file index bug with the Files Database System.

An old 10 year old bug was found and fixed which did not appear to cause any problems with customers. Nonetheless, it was a bug and it is now corrected.

- ENH: Added support for startup logging of Windows 2003, VISTA, 2008

WCONLINE (Wildcat! Online Controller)

- ENH: Added support for startup logging of Windows 2003, VISTA, 2008

WCPOP3 (Wildcat! POP3 Server)

Overall the Wildcat! POP3 Server (WCPOP3) was improved with better connection reliability and major speed improvements.

- NEW: WCPOP3 Maintenance mode (negative -ERR connection response)

WCPOP3 will now refuse connections when the WCPOP3 server state is marked REFUSE via WCNODE.

- NEW: WCPOP3 idle Timeouts

WCPOP3 now has a default 1 minute login and 10 minutes post login  idle timeout. Thse values may be changed under WCCONFIG | General Settings | Timeouts.

- ENH: Major speed enhancement in mail scanning/pickup.

See wcPOP3 Performance Tuning for information on new tuning values you can use for your system.

- ENH: QUIT Update Mode Policy

The QUIT command is now required before any download or delete issued by the POP3 client is processed.

- NEW: Internal POP3 Received Tracing.

All downloaded POP3 mail is internally marked as received independent of user direct mail pointers. This will allow for independent Audit and Tracing of downloaded mail even when the user has POP3SNOOP.

WCDOORS (Wildcat! Doors System)

- NEW: DOORS DOS windows are now hidden.

When doors are started, the DOS window associated with the door are now hidden from display. This will speed up (slightly) running doors since windows does not need to maintain separate DOS windows. For high load systems using the DOORS system to run batch files, this will greatly improve performance. If you wish to re-enable the showing of the Wildcat! doors DOS windows, use wcREGEDIT to change the following registry value:

Show DOS Windows (old setting)>:

    wcRegEdit /local /value:wcDoors\HideWindow /dword:0

Hide DOS Windows (new setting):

    wcRegEdit /local /value:wcDoors\HideWindow /dword:1

WCLOCAL (Wildcat! Local Login)

- FIX: Fast Login  Security Enhancement. 

The default password for WCLOCAL now remains masked as a password field. The password, if any, will not be displayed. While this will not stop someone from logging in via WCLOCAL if the default username/password is set, it will at least not make the password known in WCLOCAL.

WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP Server)

- NEW: New option to Check only bad domains/addresses filters created by the sysop.

See new Check Only option in WCCONFIG Mail Server Smtp options.

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- NEW: New SMTP Check Only bad mail filters option:

Added new Check Only option to the WCSMTP bad domain/address option

    (o) Remember (Add/Check) Bad Domain/Email Addresses
    (_)  Check Only Bad Domain/Email Addresses  (NEW)

Credit to Gloria at State House News Service for suggesting this new feature.


In previous WCSMTP versions, the only option was to remember (add/check) the bad domain/address. It was either on (default) or off.  

When enabled (checked), the WCSMTP outbound mail sender remembered bad mail host domains it can not connect to and remembered bad addresses after a successful connection but reported as bad or unknown by the remote host, by recording the information to the following text files:

    data\baddomain.txt    - add domain when fails to connect to the server
    data\badrcpt.txt        - add recipient address when remote indicates it is bad or unknown

Over the years, proved to be very useful by quickly recording bad domains/address so the mail sender can avoid sending mail to the same address which are always bad.  Thus the retry overhead was reduced.  The mail receiver also checked the bad address list when mail is incoming.  If the incoming message RCPT (recipient) address was in the data\badrcpt.txt list, then the email was immediately rejected.  For false positives, the sysops had to be informed by an affected trusted user,  and manually edited the text files to remove recorded domain and address entries to allow future emails for the same domain and address.

With the new version,  the Check Only option was added and made an mutual exclusive option with the Remember option. When Check Only is  enabled, it allows WCSMTP to check for bad domains and addresses but it will not automatically record them.  This allows the sysop to manually control of what goes into data\baddomain.txt and data\badrcpt.txt.

WCREPORT (Wildcat! Reports)

-ENH Enhanced/cleaned user change options

When editing the user record, the password options page is now better initialized when the user record is displayed or a change will take place.

- FIX: Trim the subject line when displaying a message