Version 6.3 Build 453.1


Build 453.1 is plug and play update . It includes a few fixes, some significant cleanup and some new features.  If you are up-to-date with Wildcat! versions, this is essentially a plug and play update.


Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCSSL (Wildcat! SSL)

NOTE: AutoUpdate does not unzip wcSSL.ZIP. You must do this manually to obtain the new wcssl files

- ENH: New WcSSLCONFIG.CHM Documentation

- ENH: Major enhancement and changes to wcSSL

- UPD: A new CA Root Intermediate Chain file (ca-bundle.txt) is
       updated to cover the current CAs as of June 2009.

       The latest file can also be downloaded from:

       WcSSLConfig contains the latest version for new setups. It will
       not override the existing one. If you wish to add the latest
       version, start wcSSLConfig as follows:

         cd \wc6
         wcSSLConfig -addcacert

- NEW: Added SSL Protocol level

       [X] Use SSLv3
       [X] Use SSLv2
       [X] Use TLSv1

- NEW: Added new PCI Compliance Setup support

- NEW: Added optional Verify Client Certificate for added user security.
       The old options were removed:

         Verify Level:  NONE
                        FAIL IF NO PEER CERTIFICATE

       and replaced with:

         Verify Client Certifical:  NONE

       See WCSSLConfig Help for description.

- CHG: CA Trust Bundles is now always enabled.

- NEW: WcWEB SSL server now has new HTTP redirection option
       when SSL Required for all connections is enabled:

       [X] Required for all connections
           [X] Enable HTTP redirect.

       When enabled, a non-HTTP server is started for the purpose of
       redirection to HTTPS.

       See WCSSLConfig Help for complete description.

WCWEB (Wildcat! Web Server)

NOTE: AutoUpdate does not unzip wcWebAuth.ZIP. You must do this manually to obtain the new wcWebAuth cookie login files.

- ENH: Secured Cookie Domains

       For cookie-based logins under SSL, wclogin.js now sets the secure
       flag for setting cookies.

- NEW: WcWEB now supports SSL HTTP to HTTPS redirection.

       See WCSSLConfig Help for complete description.

- FIX: Fixed MIME parsing issue with MIMELIB.DLL

- NEW: File uploading now support MP3 Tags importing.

WCFTP (Wildcat! FTP Server)

- NEW: File uploading now support MP3 Tags importing.

WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP Server)

- FIX: SSL shutdown bug.


-NEW: New WCMP3LIB.WCH DLL import library.

      This library is used by WcRefresh to import MP3 tag descriptions.

WCREFRESH (Wildcat! File Database Refresh Tool))

- NEW: MP3 Tags importing was added to WCREFRESH.
       Required wcMP3LIB.DLL (installed by AUTOUPDATE/CD)

WCLISTSERVE (Wildcat! List Server)

- FIX: Fixed GPF with listserve GET or INFO long commands.