Version 6.3 Build 453.4


Build 453.4 is a plug and play update with a few general fixes, some new features and enhancements. The main focus was with the Virtual Domains and CGI/Script maps. A new major option for WcWEB under VDG allow for the creation of Public Web Sites. Please see the Special Upgrade Notes for this AUP update.


Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- ENH: Expanded directory selection browse window for file areas and other similar sections. - NEW: New Remote Mail Hosts configurations allows for using Authentication, Port 587 and TLS for outgoing messages.

WCT (Wildcat! Templates)

- Fixed persistent frames issue with personal properties. - NEW: New LET macro The LET macro is designed to be use when using WCT functions such as SPLIT, MID, etc. @SET v1 = "p1,p2,p3,p4"@ @LET v1 = split(v1,",")@ - NEW New WCT function macros Conditional WCT macros @SET var = IF(p1, p2, p3)@ @SET var = IFSET(p2, p2, p3)@ @SET var = IFEXIST(p1, p2, p3)@ IF if the p1 value is exist and is true, a positive number or a string, then return p2 otherwise p3 IFSET if the p1 value is exist (has any value) then return p2 otherwise p3 IFEXIST if the file p1 exist, then return p2 otherwise p3 String functions: @SET var = MID(p1,p2,p3)@ @SET var = LEFT(p1,p2)@ @SET var = RIGHT(p1,p2)@ @SET var = SUBST(p1,p2,p3)@ @SET var = ISUBST(p1,p2,p3)@ case insensitive subst @SET var = LCASE(p1)@ @SET var = UCASE(p1)@ @SET var = TRIM(p1)@ @SET var = SPLIT(p1,p2 [,p3])@ These string functions are functionality equivalent to the WCBASIC counterparts. SPLIT is WCT only and provides a way to create a WCT array. For example: @SET names = "charlie, sam, jose"@ @SET names = split(names,",")@ here, we wish to split the names variable by comma into an indexed array. The resultant variables in memory are: names = "charlie, sam, jose" names.count = 3 names[1] = "charlie" names[2] = "sam" names[3] = "jose" Now its possible to use the FOR loop to display them: @FOR I=1 to NAMES.COUNT@ @SUB NAMES[{i}]@ @NEXT@ Math functions: @SET var = MULT(p1,p2)@ Multply p1 with p2 @SET var = DIV(p1,p2)@ Divide p1 by p2 - FIX: Fixed the GetFileByXXXX macro for initial no file found search result.

WCSAP (Wildcat! Sender Authentication Protocol)

- ENH: Added a lookup cache for macro %HDN% to avoid redundant lookups. When using the %HDN% macro, this performs a reverse DNS (PTR query) lookup for the connection IP address. So using multiple rules (reject/accept) such as: reject if %HDN% in *.tr reject if %HDN% in *.bg reject if %HDN% in *.co reject if %HDN% in *.co*.th reject if %HDN% in *.lk reject if %HDN% in *.ru would do a redundant %HDN% lookup for each rule. If the PTR record did not exist in DNS, this would degrade wcsap filtering performance. The %HDN% result is now cached so that the subsequent %HDN% lookups are remembered. This greatly speeds up processing all the %HDN% based rules.

WCNODE (Wildcat! Node)

- ENH: WCNODE now also accept common /SERVER:xxxxxx for server name.

WCMAIL (Wildcat! MAIL)

- NEW: Optional Date subfolders under the SPOOL "DONE" folder. If the option under mail host is disabled: [_] Delete files after processing Then imported local email will be saved in the SPOOL\{host}\DONE folder. While normally this option is only used for temporary analysis of mail as it was received and imported, if enabled, the DONE folder will accumulated a large set of *.D/*.X A new registry option allows you to separate this DONE storage using a date format. To use this, create a WCMAIL registry called: SpoolDoneDateFormat: format where format can be: {yyyy} {yy} {mm} {dd} {hh} {ss} Example value: {yyyy}-{mm}-{dd} If today is July 24, 2010, this will store the processed file in spool\{hostname}\done\2010-07-24 - FIX: Fixed a Bouncing Issue with invalid local user return paths

WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP)

- NEW: New Remote Mail Hosts configurations allows for using Authentication, Port 587 and TLS for outgoing messages. - NEW: Support for DSN (Delivery Status Notification) formatted bounces. WcSMTP will now use RFC 3464 Delivery Status Notification (DSN) to create bounce messages. If you wish to use the original text-based only Bounce format, you can disable the option by adding a registry value for wcSMTP. You can use WCREGEDIT for this: DISABLE: wcregedit /local /value:wcsmtp\EnableDNSReports /dword:0 RE-ENABLE: wcregedit /local /value:wcsmtp\EnableDNSReports /dword:1 Why use DNS? No real reason other than its is a formal industry standard which basically provides structured details for the bounce and also puts the original message as an attachment. As before, the actual notification bounce text message readable by humans is still the same, but there will be now additional information useful for diagnostics. - FIX: Fixed a Bouncing Issue with invalid local user return paths - NEW: Added Local Blowback Protection When a return path address using a local domain (you own it) is used for the MAIL FROM: address, wcSMTP will now validate the existenance of the userid in the address. This new feature helps protected against unnecessary bounces when mail can not be delivered to target recipients which will naturally create bounces back to the return address (MAIL FROM). However, if the return path is invalid on your system, this created another bounce to no where. This features will enforce a valid local domain return path. If this new feature is causing problems (which it should not because allowing invalid local domain return path will discard any non-delivery notifications), you can turn it off using the registry option: wcregedit /local /value:wcsmtp\checklocalreturnpath /dword:0 To reenabled the option: wcregedit /local /value:wcsmtp\checklocalreturnpath /dword:1 Note: You should always make sure you are using a valid return path (MAIL FROM) in your email send mail tools. Not having a valid return path will discard notifications and can potentially give you a bad negative reputation on other remote mail servers rejecting your mail. It is always good practice to have a valid return path address. - NEW: New SMTP session commands SMQ - Show the Mail outbound Queue SHOW STATS - Show the statistics on the WCSMTP machine - ENH: 2nd WCSMTP instances can now run on seperate computers WCSMTP can now be "scaled out" to better load balance email operations. This can only work correctly when using different computers. You can use a shared folder from the main computer, i.e, Z:\WCAT, where you have Wildcat! installed where Z is a mapped drive. Or you can create a local machine directory for wcsmtp, i.e, c:\WCSMTP When done this way, the following of the minimum required files that are put into the directory created: wcsmtp.exe wcsrv2.dll wccore.dll wcdns.dll wciphlpapi.dll wcsgate.dll wcsmtpft.dll The following DLL "May" be required if you have SMTPFILTER WCX applications that require them: wcodbc.dll The main reason for using a local machine directory for wcSMTP is when you wish to install WCSMTP on the local machine as a NT Service. The log files will be separated at this point. - ENH: Improved WCSMTP NT Service Logging - wcsmtp.log now shows the MAIN thread tag when running as a service. - wcsmtp.log startup info was enhanced. - additional startup error reporting Service error 102 - error switching to WCSMTP.EXE path Service error 203 - failed to find wcserver to connect to