Santronics Software, Inc.,
Version 8.0 Build 454.10


This is a plug and play update; rebuilt for the latest Windows Operating Systems with a number of enhancments and fixes.

Windows XP/2003 are EOL (End of Life) and are no longer supported by Microsoft. For the time being, Wildcat! v8.0 is still built for XP/2003 compatibility. However, Microsoft has made it very clear they will no longer support XP/2003 for future development. Therefore, SSI XP/2003 development support may be limited in future updates.


Changes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCHELP (Wildcat! Help)

- UPD: Single IP Binding documentation was updated.

WCGEOIP (Wildcat! GeoLocation IP)

- UPD: GeoLocation IP Database was updated January 15, 2020 version.

WCNNTP (Wildcat! NNTP/News Server)

- FIX: Removed the uppercasing of login ID and passwords.

WCPOP3 (Wildcat! POP3 Server)

- FIX: Fixed a "TOP msg# count#" command when msg# was zero. Seen with
       iPhone POP3 client.

WCBASIC (Wildcat! BASIC Software Development Kit)

- FIX: Fixed a HTML-MSGTHREAD.WCX "no mail" display issue in thread mode.

- UPD: wcBASIC and wcBASIC_PLUS distribution updated.

* FIX: Fixed a wcBASIC compiler bug with nested #if pragmas

- NEW: New wcCryptoHMAC library for HMAC Digest applications.
       see wcbasic\include\wcCryptoHMAC.wch

WCWEB (Wildcat! Web Server)

- UPD: Map's Sysop User Manager was updated to build 3.00

* FIX: Fixed HTML-WHO to remember "Audio Notification"

- NEW: Added support for HTTP Range: request header.  This will allow
       wcWEB to stream multi-media audio, video to web browsers on
       mobile devices.  wcWEB always allowed you to stream to a PC
       Browser, but with a Mobile browser, it would not work correctly.
       Now with HTTP Range support, it works as expected.

- FIX: Fixed URL parsing when using a sub-folder name with a dot and a ".wct"
       template script in the folder, example: /public/

- UPD: Updated wc:\config\mime_types.cfg to include audio m4a and video m4v
       mime extension associations.

WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- FIX: For a forced packing event issued with the wcpostwm message:

           wcpostwm Wildcat.Server.PackMail

       wcServer was not starting the packing until wcMail was stopped.

       To resolve this, you can stop the wcMail Process. However,
       wcServer was updated by reduced the Maximum Idle Wait Time to 10
       seconds. When expired, the packing will start.

- DOC: Documenting a change made to AUP 445.8, the wcserver will no
       longer clear the USER.Password field when the user logs in. This
       allows only the authenticated user to see his/her password using
       a WCX script or wcSDK application.

- NEW: Added CIDR support to the config\ipaccess*.dat access files.

WCDNS (Wildcat! DNS Resolver)

- FIX: Fixed wcdns.dll to add address bad guys sending super long
       email addresses, like over 800 characters.

- UPD: Added support for AAAA resource record

WCTELNET (Wildcat! Telnet Server)

- UPD: The client "Terminal.wcn" (source: html-terminal.wcc) was updated
       to support non-default port configurations for telnet.

WCLISTSERVER (Wildcat! List Server)

- FIX: Fixed bug with smtpfilter-ListChecker.wcc, ignoring the domain.

WCMAIL (Wildcat! Mail Gateway)

- FIX: The exporter will now properly extract the return path for
       wcSMTP to sent out the mail.  This was only a problem when the
       the Wildcat! message had a format like so:

       "user name" address

- NEW: wcSMTP can now save all sent mail in the "{spoolpath}\Send"
       folder. To enable this option, prepare the registry string
       "SaveSentMail" under the wcSMTP key. You can use the wcRegEdit

       wcRegEdit /value:wcSMTP\SaveSentMail /DWORD:1    To Turn on
       wcRegEdit /value:wcSMTP\SaveSentMail /DWORD:0    To Turn off

- NEW: wcSMTP will now save Null Bounces in the "{spoolpath}\NullBounce"
       folder. To disable this option use the registry string
       "SaveNullBounce" under the wcSMTP key. You can yse the wcRegEdit

       wcRegEdit /value:wcSMTP\SaveNullBounce /DWORD:0    To Turn off
       wcRegEdit /value:wcSMTP\SaveNullBounce /DWORD:1    To Turn on

WCTASKMGR (Wildcat! Task Manager)

- NEW: Date display format can now be set to use the local PC format.

       The default is "MM/dd/yyyy" for the events and log view. To
       change this, click View | System Options.  By making the Date
       Format field blank, it will use the date format as used by the

WCSSLCONFIG (Wildcat! SSL Configuration)

- UPD: Merged ZeroSSL CA Certificate into ca-bundle.txt.  To obtain the new
       version, run the following from your \wcat folder:

       wcSSLConfig /AddCaCert

       This will place the new version in ssl\cacert.

- ENH: Added *.PEM to the certification file selection with *.CRT when
       updating a renewed certification.