Santronics Software, Inc.,
Version 8.0 Build 454.13


This plug and play update includes many enhancements, minor fixes, adjustments to to 64-bit version of Wildcat! It is only provided if you select to update to 64-bit and you have 64-bit Windows. OpenSSL was updated to v1.1.1t and v3.0.8. See notes.


Changes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WC64 (Wildcat! 64bit System)

- FIX:  Under 64bit, the Server Dialog selection box was not being
       displayed when more than 1 wcserver was found on the network.

WCSERVER (Wildcat! Server)

- ENH: Enhanched the ipaccess*.dat IP Filter rules parser.

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- NEW: Added option to set the Allow Remote RPC client registry to the
       System Security Networking tab:

        [_] Allow Remote RPC Client (requires wcserver restart)

WCSSL (Wildcat! Secured Socket Layer)

- UPD: OpenSSL was updated to v1.1.1t and v3.0.8. All Wildcat! SSL
       components will continue to use v1.1.1t which offers TLS 1.3
       support.  The plan is to keep with the v1.1.1 series until no
       longer needed.

- DOC: To improve SSL negotiation, use a chained certificate which is
       your certificate and Intermediate certificate combined,

- UPD: The ssl\cacert\ca-bundle.txt file was updated.  You can also type
       this option in your wcat folder:

       c:\wcat> wcsslconfig /AddCaCert

       This will install a new ssl\cacert\ca-bundle.txt and start wcSSLconfig.

- DOC: Instructions for extracting .crt and .key files from the .pfx file.

WCWEB (Wildcat! Web Server)

- NEW: New and Updated wcWEB stock templates

- DOC: wcWeb supports then common url "/.well-known" for two applications:

       "/.well-known/acme-challenge"                     ACME SSL certificate validation
       "/.well-known/autoconfig/mail/config-v1.1.xml"    Mozilla standard SMTP/POP3 installation.

* NEW: Added new URL filter file:


       Note: This is not activated yet.

WCFTP (Wildcat! FTP Server)

- NEW: New registry option to set the Public Passive IP address.

       wcregedit /local /value:wcFTP\PassiveIP /string:IP-ADDRESS

       where IP-ADDRESS is the public IP address of your wcFTP server.

       This is necessary where your machine is a private IP address
       behind a NAT with the public IP address.

WCNTSERVICES (Wildcat! Windows/NT Services)

- FIX: Minor log fix to wcLoadService when an service startup error occur.

WCGEOIP (Wildcat! GeoLocation IP)

- UPD: GeoLocation IP Database was updated August 15, 2022 version.

VCRTL (Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable RTL)

- UPD: New Microsoft C/C++ 2019 x86/x64 Runtime Library redistribution.
       Version 14.29.30139

       Note: Microsoft has a new 2022 RTL and it may be installed already.
       Future updates may include this new 2022 RTL but it is not required
       by Wildcat!

WCLS (Wildcat! List Server)

- NEW: wcListServer (wcLS, wcList) images are now also 64 bit.

- TDB: wcList can now spawn a WCX before a distribution is transported
       (SMTP or UUCP).

       The first application will be to allow wcList to wcDKIM sign a
       large message (using a WCX) before it is transported for the wcSMTP
       Router which normally signs all outbound messages. Via wcDKIM
       signing rules, once wcList signs the mail, it can tell wcSMTP to
       skip signing.