Santronics Software, Inc.,
Version 6.4 Build 454.2


This revision 454.2 is a plug and play update for 454.1, which includes many fixes, a few changes and performance improvements to the Wildcat! SMTP mail system.


Changes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- CHG: Renamed "Mailing List" option in Mail Server to "Email Conferences."

       This was done to avoid the confusing that this feature was
       simply a way of moving an incoming message for a specific
       user name to a specific conference.  While the original reasons
       was for an incoming "mailing list" email, it applies to any
       kind of email message.

- FIX: Minor intermittent bug fix when using wcCONFIG as a Desktop Link

- CHG: The DKIM Manager icon display an message to use the web-based
       wcDKIM manager.

WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP Server)

- ENH: Synchronized logging to wcSMTP*.log file with wcSMTP roles

- FIX: Fixed an EOD (End of Data) detection issue caused by mail
       senders converting mail to Quoted-Printable.

- CHG: The NO QUIT CANCEL is now by-default disabled.

- CHG: Sender Timeout DATA timeoout

       In 454.1, the sender DATA timeout of 10 minutes which changed
       to be 10 1 minute timeouts to help with faster shutdowns. For
       very limited few remote sites (always the same) this cause a
       data disconnect.  This change was reverted back to pre 454.1

- ENH: Thread pooling for receivers

       The WCSMTP Receiver now uses a thread pool logic to help
       reduce VM related issues.

- CHG: Changed 452 to 552 response for message size exceeded

       If you have a limit set for email sizes, previous a 452
       response was issued. This was incorrect and was changed to

- NEW: New option to change the QUIT idle time (Connection Sharing Hogs)

       Some mail senders will delay and hold the connection after
       sending the first transaction to wait for new mail. For
       example, will wait 30 secs, will wait
       5 secs.  Many spammers will abuse this 5 minutes allowance by
       the server to wait for the QUIT command. A new registry
       option is available to check for PostDataTimeoutSecs to allow
       you to change this to some value lower than 300 seconds or
       even below 30 seconds to stop from eating up

       To set use wcRegEdit or REGEDIT.  Example to set it to 35

         wcRegEdit /value:wcsmtp\PostDataTimeoutSecs /dword:35

       (Note: 35 secs is good for connection holding delays.)

       To use the default, delete it or set it to zero

         wcRegEdit /value:wcsmtp\PostDataTimeoutSecs /delete
         wcRegEdit /value:wcsmtp\PostDataTimeoutSecs /dword:0

- FIX: Fixed a Microsoft Compiler Bug that caused the EHLO timeout
       to always be 60 secs.

- ENH: Improved Scalability for sending mail by reducing the
       ephemeral ports TIME_WAIT by adding a 1 msec (defaul) before
       closing the socket.

       To change the default registry option:

       wcRegEdit /value:wcSmtp\SendCloseTimeMSec /dword:1  <- default value (msecs)

       Sending this to zero will disable to sleep before closing the
       socket.  This will intermittent close TIME_WAITS for socket
       ports which could exhaust them quickly for large outbound
       mail systems,

- NEW: New option to limit the # of concurrent connections to the
       same outbound mail IP with a new new registry optiona key.

       To set a limit for a specific IP A.B.C.D address, use
       wcRegEdit like so:

          wcRegEdit /value:wcSmtp\MultiSendLimit.A.B.C.D  /dword:#

       where A.B.C.D is the target address and # (i.e. 2) is the
       maximum concurrent connections to this IP.

- ENH: Dender now has optional timeouts per state via host file.
       Defaults are (in secs):

       greeting  = 300
       ehlo      = 300
       mail.from = 300   = 300
       data      = 180
       data.eod  = 600
       quit      = 300
       rset      = 300

- NEW: New DLL were added for wcSMTP operations:

       wcSmtpStats.dll  used for sharing stats with wcSMTP and
                        other 3rd party applications.

- FIX: Outbound mail connections did not honor 5yz permanent rejections
       at the initial remote server greeting to stop transaction attempts.

WCDNS (Wildcat! DNS Resolver)

- FIX: Fixed a Memory Fragramentation issue when MX lookups are not
       expanded and there are delays due to concurrent connections
       to the same IP.

- ENH: WCDNS now also caches the A records when doing MX lookups.

- FIX: Setting the DNS server under multiple threads intermittently
       created an internal captured exception.

- NEW: New option to disable WCSMTP DNS Cache:

       To disable the wcSMTP DNS cache:

       wcRegEdit /value:wcSmtp\DnsUseCache /dword:0

       To use the default, delete it or set it to 1

         wcRegEdit /value:wcSmtp\DnsUseCache /delete
         wcRegEdit /value:wcSmtp\DnsUseCache /dword:1

WCREGEDIT (Wildcat! Registry Editor)

- CHG: WcREGEDIT now use HKLM by default. The switch /LOCAL is no longer

- NEW: WcREGEDIT can now display the entire keys.

       Example: Display all the keys in the wcSMTP key section:

       wcRegEdit /value:wcsmtp