Santronics Software, Inc.,
Version 6.4 Build 454.3


This revision 454.3 is a plug and play update which includes many fixes, a few changes and performance improvements to the Wildcat! SMTP mail system.


Changes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCSSL (Wildcat! Secured Socket Layer)

- UPD: wcSSL was updated with OpenSSL v1.0.1 which fixes
       a potential security exploit with TLSv1.

       WCSSLCONFIG nows allow you to select TLSv1.1 or TLSv1.2

       For high level PCI operations, your PCI Auditor may require
       you to use TLSv1.1 or TLSv1.2

       NOTE: If you using SSL, you must do the following after
             upgrading to update the SSL files installed in your

             STOP WCONLINE

             CD \WC5 or \WC6
             unzip -o wcssl
             unzip -o openssl


       NOTE: The odds are very high that SSL will be automatically
             updated in future updates and no longer require a
             manual reminder.  In other words, this is the last
             update where manual installations will be provided.

WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- NEW: IP Blocking/Tracking option added to Web and Telnet Server setup.

       Wildcat! now supports IP filtering of Web and Telnet connections
       simply by adding +/- IP [mask] lines to the following  files:

       config\ipaccess-http.dat <--- web

       For example, adding a line to config\ipaccess-http.dat


       will block Web access for this address.

       The new WCCONFIG IP block/tracking options DO NOT disable the
       config\ipaccess-*.dat filtering if the file exist. The
       WCCONFIG options simply extends the filtering to add blocking
       delays (delays the response to the blocked IP client) and
       tracking which allows other protocols to learn from the
       web/telnet block.

- DOC: IP Blocking for internet servers performed by Wildcat! Server

       Except for wcNNTPServer, all the following internet protocols
       have IP filtering if the file exist:


WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP Server)

- NEW: New WCSMTP Outbound Mail Queue Manager

       For mail in the spool\your-host\smtp queue folder, a new
       internal stock html-wcsmq.wcx applet offers a console display
       only or web-based display/manager of the outbound mail queue.

       To display a console window, type:

         wcrun -r html-wcsmq.wcx

         TIP: create a batch like SMQ.CMD and add the above

       To display via Web Browser, log in and use the url:

       The module html-wcsmq.wcx is now a stock WCX applet provided
       with the Wilcat.wcl image library for all installations.

- ENH: WcSMTP was greatly enhanced for improve large scale
       mail operations. The begin this effort, see the
       new wcSMTP roles splitting features.

- NEW: WcSMTP can now run as three separate roles (Processes)
       with new /ROLE switches:

       wcsmtp /router
       wcsmtp /sender
       wcsmtp /receiver

       This allows to reduce the stress of all roles under one
       WCSMTP process which is ideal for small to mid scale
       mail loads.  However, if you had large outbound mail
       operations, consider the role splitting.

       They also work as NT/Windows Services.  See the new
       services batch files.

- ENH: Mail Sender now has optional timeouts per state via host file.
       Defaults are (in secs):

       greeting  = 300
       ehlo      = 300
       mail.from = 300   = 300
       data      = 180
       data.eod  = 600
       quit      = 300
       rset      = 300

WCTELNET (Wildcat! Telnet Server)

- NEW: IP Tracking/Blocking was added to the Telnet server.

       To create Allow/Deny IP filter rules added +IP or -IP
       rules in the text file:


WCWEB (Wildcat! Web Server)

- NEW: IP Tracking/Blocking was added to the Web server.

       To create Allow/Deny IP filter rules added +IP or -IP
       rules in the text file:


- DOC: Wildcat! Web Pages and Templates.

       Traditionally, when you installed Wildcat!, example web pages
       were provided via CD and we never dared to touch them other
       than change the stock templates common to all customers.

       This was disadvantage in provding the modern web pages as
       they evolved, so starting with this update, we will provide
       Web Profiles downloadable from the Support Center allowing
       you to install new powerful and more modern web pages from
       SSI or other web page developers who wish to share them with

       This will benefit customers who traditionally used Wildcat!
       for dialup or console applications but are now interested
       in using the Wildcat! Web Server as part of their total

       In addition, it will benefit customers who are increasingly
       using Wildcat! VDG (Virtual Domain Groups) but having a
       source of common web pages for new VDG setups.

       Visit the SSI online web support site to stay on par with
       this new effort to enhance the Wildcat! web pages.  They
       will no longer be provided via the CD installation.

WCBASIC (Wildcat! BASIC Software Development Kit)

- ENH: The WCSERVER will now accept WUNC "WC:\CODE\" with subfolders,


- NEW: A new module called html-wcsmq.wcx was added to the stock
       wildcat.wcl library.

       html-wcsmq.wcx allows for operators to see the outbound
       WCSMTP mail queue.

- NEW: A new wcSMTPque.wch wcbasic header was added to wcBASIC SDK

WCNTSERVICES (Wildcat! Windows/NT Services)

- ENH: WCSMTP can now run as separate roles. See new services
       batch files.

SMTPFILTER (WCSMTP Mail Filter Scanner)

- ENH: Wildcat! Grey Lister was updated to allow for time hints to
       be added to wcSMTP server responses.  It is enabled by
       default and it will improve Greylist operations. Remote
       clients supporting the time hints will greatly reduced their
       outbound mail overhead, that include Wildcat! based remote
       clients who are aware of the time hints.

       See the Greylist Wildcat! AVS manager.

WCPHP (Wildcat! for PHP)

- UPD: New WCPHP installation for PHP v5.30 engine.

       Go to Santronics Online


       to download the PHP v5.3 versions of WCPHP for either the
       lite or full installation of PHP.

       File listing of area 69 - PHP for Wildcat!

       wcphp-lite-5.3.0.exe Wildcat! For PHP plus LITE install of PHP v5.3
       wcphp-full-5.3.0.exe Wildcat! For PHP plus FULL install of PHP v5.3

       If you already have WCPHP installed (for PHP v5.2.6), then
       updating is only necessary if you are using PHP script
       applications which depend on PHP v5.30 extensions.

       wcphp-full is only needed if you don't have PHP v5.30
       installed and wish to have a full and separate PHP v5.30
       installation along with the WCPHP PWE extension files.

       The wcphp-lite version includes the mininum PHP extensions:


       If you need additional php*.dll extensions you can either
       copy the required extension(s) to the \wc6\php\ext folder and
       enabled it in the \wc6\php\php.ini file or install the full
       version of PHP v5.3 directly or with WCPHP-FULL-5.3.0.exe