Santronics Software, Inc.,
Version 8.0 Build 454.8


This is a plug and play update; rebuilt for the latest Windows Operating Systems with a number of enhancments and fixes.

Windows XP/2003 is EOL (End of Life) and is no longer supported by Microsoft. For the time being, Wildcat! is still built for XP/2003 compatibility. However, Microsoft has made it very clear they will no longer support XP/2003 for future development. It is possible that future SSI development support will be limited in versions compiled for XP/2003.


Changes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component  

WCHELP (Wildcat! Help)

- NEW: All the remaining old *.HLP files, which Microsoft Windows no
       longer supports, have been converted to *.CHM files.

       You may delete all the *.HLP and *.CNT files in the Wildcat!
       installed folder since they are obsolete and are no longer

WCSTART (Wildcat! Startup)

wcStart now has the following new features:

- NEW: Startup folder for wcServer. May be different from the location of
       wcserver.exe (home path).

* NEW: Support for installing, starting, stopping, removing Wildcat!
       Windows Services.

* NEW: Support for shutting down Wildcat! applications.

WCDRAW (Wildcat! ANSI Display Editor)

- FIX: When saving a *.BBS file, an array out of index can occur when
       "out of range" color macros are used in the BBS file.

       WcDraw supports Wildcat! User Color codes which are 26 macros,
       @A@ to @Z@.  For all other color macros, the 2 byte @bf@ format
       is supported with bf as a 2 byte hex with b as the background and
       f is the foreground.

       See wcConfig Colors options.

WCBASIC (Wildcat! BASIC Software Development Kit)

- NEW: Added support for the PC mouse scroll wheel in wcDEV.EXE

- UPD: Updated TMenu for SecurityEntryName field.  wcBASIC Compiler updated.

- FIX: Fixed a potential fault in "HTML-Read Message.wcx".

  Related to reading a MIME message, the CATCH in the wcc was changed to
  call DeleteMimeObjectEx(@pMimeObj)

  Updated files:

  wcBasic\html-read message.wch

WCFTP (Wildcat! FTP Server)

- FIX:  Added an fault/abort catch exception for a potential drop issue
        within the OpenSSL SSL_write() function.

WCQUES (Wildcat! Questionnaire Designer)

- FIX: Fixed a "wc:\" MFC document loading problem on Windows XP/2003 MFC only.

WCWEB (Wildcat! Web Server)

- FIX: Fixed Redirection issue.

  When adding a @MODULE UTL REDIRECT url@ in errors\custom\notfound.wct
  when the orignal HTTP.URL was not found (404) and did not have an .WCT
  extension, the redirection did not take place.  This is now fixed which
  will allow for the possibility of adding redirection for old URL that
  users may still but are no longer valid.

WCTOOLS (Wildcat! Utitities)

- ENH: Added version numbers to various CLI tools and utilities.