Santronics Software, Inc.,
SMTPFILTER Installation

wcSMTP can  run WCX applications after the mail is received at the "DATA" stage and before a response is sent to the mail sender, given you the opportunity to analyze the mail content before it is accepted.  

Please remember Santronics is not in the mail rejection business.  The rules or decision to reject mail based on mail content is 100% based on your defined mail filtering rules.   All SMTPFILTER will do is provide feedback to wcSMTP to accept or reject the DATA, based on the SMTPFILTER rules TRUE (accept) or FALSE (reject) answer.


SMTPFILTER is part of the Wildcat! AVS system and it is installed automtically when you upgrade or fresh install. You can turn it off/on using the Wildca! Configuration Mail Server section or by using the web-based Wildcat AVS Gui Manager by typing the URL link /services/wcavs directed at your wcWEB Server web site.

  1. Start WCCONFIG and go to setup:


    Enable the options:

    [X] Enable SMTP Mail Filter Agent Operations
    [X] Enable Receiver Bin

    Receiver Bin is required for SMTPFILTER so it will be automatically enabled.

  2. Manually edit and configure the files:


    Both text files contain inline documentation for usage.  If you don't have these files, copy over the recommended files provided as examples:


Setup: data\smtpfilterhookloader.ini

The file is commented with sufficient help.  You may use a normal text editor like NOTEPAD to edit this file.

The wcBASIC application smtpfilterhookloader.wcx is a multiple hook manager allowing you to run multiple smtp filter hooks wcx applications compliant with SMTPFILTER operations.  SMTPFILTER hook developers can write SMTPFILTER hooks using the SMTPFILTERHLP.WCH library functions.  See Developing SMTPFILTER Hooks

When an email arrives via wcSMTP and before it is finally accepted (or rejected), the wcSMTP server will call the SmtpFilterHookLoader.wcx at the DATA stage.   It will read data\smtpfilterhookloader.ini.  This file contains options and a list of smtpfilter WCX hook programs to run in the sequence you wish. This is where you can add 3rd party tools, like wsSpamGuard which utilitizes the SMTPFITLER system. 

In order to run one or more SMTPFILTER hooks, simple add the file name of the customized SMTPFILTER-xxxx applications to the [HOOKS] section.  

SMTPFILTER includes SMTPFILTER-CHECKWORDS.WCX which is a powerful, fast "simple words" scanner.

Setup: data\spamwords.txt

The file is commented with sufficient help.  You may use a normal text editor like NOTEPAD to edit this file.

SMTPFILTER-CHECKWORDS.WCX is a simple "check words" email filter program. It will read the file data\spamwords.txt to obtains the search words or apply other rules.