WCSAP v2.51 - Wildcat! Sender Authentication Protocol - Web Service Test Form
copyright 2003-2020 Santronics Software, Inc

WCSAP Information and Help

When an email sender (client) connects to a Wildcat! SMTP server, WCSAP will verify the sender using a suite of filtering methods. Overall it will verify the client is using compliant SMTP system, using an authorized sending machine and has provided a valid return address. WCSAP is available as a web service to test these three parameters.  The strongest test is performed when all three parameters are provided.   If an IP is not provided, then your current computer is assigned to be the sender machine.

Sender Information Type of test performed
Machine IP Address FLT, PTR, RBL, SPF
Machine Domain Name (HELO/EHLO): FLT, SPF
Return Path (MAIL FROM): FLT, SPF, CBV
Access ID:  
Output:  XML  SOAP  

Types of test performed by WCSAP
FLT Local system policy white/black list rules as defined by the local operator. This may include a PTR check.
PTR Reverse DNS check on the connecting IP.
RBL DNS based RBL (Real time black list) lookup 
SPF DNS based SPF (Sender Permitted Framework) lookup
CBV SMTP-based Callback Verifier

Using WCSAP as a HTTP WEB Service

An automated internet client can use WCSAP as a web service by providing the following URL with the name=value (NV) pairs for parameters:


The name=value pairs are separated by the ampersand (&) character:

  xid=     required, xml service id, use xid=public if not assigned an id
  from=    required, SMTP return path address (MAIL FROM:)
  ip=      optional, client ip address (defailt is HTTP conection IP)
  cdn=     optional, client domain name (EHLO/HELO domain)
  xml=1    optional, if set, XML response otherwise log text response
  soap=1   optional, if set, XML response with SOAP tags
  debug=#  optional, debug level, default 0 which forces xml format


XML response <wcSAP> <title>Wildcat! Sender Authentication Protocol</title> <copyright>(c) copyright 2003-2011 Santronics Software, Inc</copyright> <ver>2.30</ver> <data> <xid>public</xid> <mip></mip> <cip></cip> <cdn/> <from>whoever@example.com</from> </data> <response> <session> <date>20110614</date> <time>20:24:23</time> <elapsed>47</elapsed> <flt>reject</flt> <rbl>skipped</rbl> <spf>skipped</spf> <cbv>skipped</cbv> </session> <code>550</code> <reason>Rejected by WCSAP Filter</reason> <detail>blocked domains</detail> </response> </wcSAP>