Santronics Software, Inc.,
Auto Update Program (AUP) Information

Current Release: v8.0 build 454.13

 What is the AUP?

The AUP (Auto Update Program) is our way of ensuring that you get the latest and greatest version of WIN Server, electronically, via the Internet!    Each AUP update includes minor or major enhancements, new features and more importantly bug related fixes.  

The AUP is a product maintenance program and it is highly recommended to stay current with the AUP for secured, optimal product and customer support. An internet connection is required to our AUP server to perform the seamless electronic update.  If you cannot use the AUP electronic distribution and/or prefer CD updates, contact Santronics Sales to order CD updates.

 How do I use the AUP?

The AUTOUPDATE.EXE update wizard resides in your Wildcat! installation folder and also in your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server Windows startup group.   You simply run it and it will update your current WIN Server installation automatically.  It will automatically check each file  and make sure all your files are updated.

Rest assured, it will not overwrite and the setup data files such as user accounts, file libraries, mail databases or other such data-related items.  For any possible display file change, such as DISP\*.BBS or HTML files, you will be provided the option to overwrite or store the updated display files in an alternate directory.  The more current you are with the AUP, the faster the update is, usually completed in less than 5-15 minutes depending on a high speed internet connection.

 What is the AUP cost??

For new Wildcat! customers, 45 days of free AUP service is provided. Beyond the initial 45 days, an AUP subscription must be purchased to continue the update service. If you would like to subscribe to the AUP, please see our OnLine Order section.  Or you may order electronically, using the AUTOUPDATE client. To run the AUP, execute the program AUTOUPDATE.EXE, or select AutoUpdate from your Wildcat! start menu.