Santronics Software, Inc.,
Upgrade Information

Upgrading to Version 8.0 Build 454.13

For a complete summary of changes since your last AUP update, see the AUP history table.

For the most part, upgrading is plug and play but there are certain items that may be considered:


If you are using Wildcat! utilities such as wcConfig, wcNode, wcLocal, wcReport, etc on different machines, or running doors or you are creating wcSDK applications, and the Wildcat! folder is not mapped and shared from the main Wildcat! root directory, then you need to make sure the following interface DLL files are copied over to the different machines and folders where the applications reside:

For 64-bit

Otherwise, you may see Version Mismatch popup errors and/or in some cases, a Windows Fault regarding "missing dll, file or module.

wcSAP Filter Changes for Santronics IP addresses

Santronics network IP addresses were changed which will cause email acceptance from or problems on your wcSMTP/wcSAP setup. You won't see any support email from us. To correct this, please follow the change recommendations documented in the wcSAP Change 454.6 notes.

Old Standalone WCX files

If they exist, make sure the following are deleted as they were updated and/or are now included the Wildcat.wcl image library:

Please note as of 453.3, the previous optional is now automatically unzipped during the AUP process when you answer YES to the "Upgrade Web Authentication Templates" AutoUpdate question. You should always answer YES. The files it will update will be backed up as all other files.

The files of WcWebAuth are required now for proper web flow and operations. They are required if PCI Session Management is required.

The old version control issues are no longer an issue as the key templates once in the public folder were moved into the template folder providing any unobstrusive customization you made need to the login.wct template. See Customizing Templates.

Zip/Files you can delete!

This following files can be deleted since they are no longer distributed.