Version 5.6 Build 450.8
- 450.8 is a small maintenance update over 450.7. If you are new
  to 450.8, please review the AUP v5.6.450.7 history for complete
  history information.

  If you are upgrading from Wildcat! v5.4 or less, please read the 
  change history in AUP v5.5.450.2. A few conversion steps much be 
  performed before running this new update as outlined in the 450.2 
  Special Notes.  The Wildcat! server will also inform you of this 
  required conversion if it not done.
  If you are upgrading from Wildcat! v5.5.450.2, please read the 
  change history in AUP v5.6.450.3.  In AUP 450.3, new optional 
  internet security features (SSL and SASL) were added and WCCONFIG 
  components related to Mail Operations was reorganized and 
  consolidated under one section called "Mail Server."
  If you have the add-on product "Wildcat! List Server", it will 
  automatically perform a conversion the first time you run the
  new wcListServeSetup.exe configuration utility.
Changes, Fixes, New Features and Enhancements by Wildcat! Component
WCCONFIG (Wildcat! Configuration)

- The FTP Server setup was changed to separate the anonymous FTP
  user information in a separate property page.
- A new FTP server option was added:

    [ ] Use FILE_ID.DIZ for ZIP uploads file description.
  If this option is checked, the Wildcat! FTP server will check the
  uploaded ZIP file for a special FILE_ID.DIZ file.  If found, it
  will be used for defining the file entry short and long description.
WCWEB (Wildcat! WEB Server)

- Fixed a bug in the MIME handling (MIMELIB.DLL) for email that have
  MSWORD base64 encoding attachments.
WCFTP (Wildcat! FTP Server)

- Added support for FILE_ID.DIZ in zip files. See the new FTP option
WCSMTP (Wildcat! SMTP Server)

- Added support for 500, 501 (in addition to 502) reply codes
  in send mail EHLO response.

- Fixed a NETSCAPE TLS authentication bug